5 Great Scholarships for International Business

While an MBA may help you make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, you may want to find some scholarships for international business majors that will help you spend less money on your education.

Both undergrad and graduate business programs can cost $30,000 to $50,000 a year, and even public colleges can cost $20,000 a year or more.

You can apply for scholarships through your business school and from outside sources too.

American Association of University Women (AAUW)

Though the number of female students enrolling in business schools increased significantly over the years, males still outnumber females in most schools. The American Association of University Women (AAUW) now offers a scholarship program that helps women attend college. This program is open to women who want to go back to school and those who want to go to college to advance their careers. You must submit an application by December in the year before you enroll. The AAUW awards scholarships ranging in size from $2,000 to $12,000.

National Society of Hispanic MBAs/Hispanic Scholarship Foundation

Some of the top scholarships for international business majors are only open to minority students such as those available from the National Society of Hispanic MBAs/Hispanic Scholarship Foundation. This program is only open to Hispanic students who want to study business and management at the graduate level. As long as you enroll in an MBA program, even one with an emphasis on international business, you qualify for one of these scholarships. Though the foundation awards just one $10,000 scholarship annually, it awards multiple scholarships of up to $5,000 too.

Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering) International

With a scholarship from the Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering International, or AACE International, you can get up to $8,000 to cover some of your expenses. This is one of the only scholarships for international business majors that is open to both students in the United States and Canada. It is open to those with an interest in engineering and international finances and those who completed at least one year of a bachelor’s degree. Multiple winners receive scholarships through this organization every year.

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Public Relations Student Society of America

If you have an interest in international business but also want to study public relations, you should look at the scholarships available from the Public Relations Student Society of America. This organization encourages students to work in advertising and PR and gives them opportunities for learning more about the field. You might use your degree to help an American company move overseas or to assist an international business that wants to come to America. Its scholarships can help you pay for textbooks and minor expenses, but larger scholarships can cover your entire tuition.

Yellow Ribbon Program

Delece Smith-Barrow of U.S. News & World Report recommends negotiating with your top choice to increase the amount of financial aid that you get. If you still can’t get enough financial aid, or your school does not offer scholarships for international business majors and you served in the military, you should consider signing up for the Yellow Ribbon Program. Open only to American vets, this program awards up to 70 students a year with an $18,000 scholarship. The VA will then donate a matching amount to help students attend business school without using the GI Bill.

Many colleges and business schools offer scholarships for qualifying students, but your school may not offer nearly as much financial aid as you need. Outside scholarships for international business are available from a number of organizations and can help you cover many of the costs you face.