5 Great Ways to Support National Small Business Week

National Small Business Week, a long-standing American tradition since 1963, was created to recognize and honor the nation’s top entrepreneurs and small business owners. Years later, it has also taken on the additional mantle of celebrating small business ownership across the country, and of purposely shopping at locally owned small businesses and purchasing goods and services from entrepreneurs rather than buying from big box stores or national service chains.

Small business ownership and entrepreneurship has begun to thrive once again in the twenty-first century, tying local, regional, and national communities together. This year, National Small Business Week will take place from April 30th to May 6th. Here are five great ways to support National Small Business Week.

Shop Local

Shopping at locally owned businesses helps to generate more economic activity than shopping at chains, and by shopping local, you’re ensuring that both the dollars you spend – along with the sales tax you pay – will stay in your community, helping to support local citizens and families and in-town institutions like schools and public works programs.

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Shop at a local grocer, farmer’s market, or clothing store. Visit locally owned beauty salons, spas, gyms, and other individually owned businesses during National Small Business Week. Then keep on doing it.

Pledge Support

Whether you make a donation to a local art gallery, purchase a class card from a locally owned dance studio, eat at a local restaurant, or pledge to the Patreon of an independent creator, pledging support to small businesses or entrepreneurs can help them continue to provide what you love most. Talk to your friends about your commitment to supporting small businesses, and act accordingly. While you might not be able to purchase absolutely everything you need from local small businesses, doing so where you can will send a powerful message – to both business owners and locals.

Tweet and Post Your Favorite Small Businesses

If you have really wonderful experiences with a particular small business or entrepreneur, say so! Post reviews of your experience on sites like Yelp or Google Reviews, tweet and post to Facebook about them, and encourage your friends and family to visit them, too. Making recommendations to small businesses you love has a significant impact on where people choose to shop, eat, and obtain the luxuries they adore – and you’ll be helping those businesses stay open so you can continue to enjoy their products and services.

Encourage Others to Shop Local

The benefits of shopping local are many – including lower prices for goods and services, not to mention the local economic benefits of doing so. Talk to your friends and family about the benefits of shopping local, and encourage them to seek out new business to give their patronage to during National Small Business Week.

Engage With Other Small Biz Owners and Entrepreneurs

If you are a small business owner or entrepreneur, make it a point to engage with other small biz owners and network with them. Exchange referrals, marketing tips, success stories, and even organize work trades with those you have formed relationships with. The support of other small business owners makes a difference just as the support of the local community does, so join a Meetup, your local Chamber of Commerce, or an online message board and get to networking.

National Small Business Week hallmarks a unique opportunity every year to highlight the best small businesses of our nation, and to help support small business owners and entrepreneurs all over the country, from fledgling operations to long-standing institutions. Supporting small businesses creates more jobs and economic opportunity – and helps to sustain a healthy, well-connected community.