5 Growing Careers in Corporate Responsibility

5 Great Corporate Responsibility Jobs

  • Environmental Sustainability Associate
  • Public Relations Officer
  • Environmental Scientist
  • Compliance Manager
  • Consultant

Careers in corporate responsibility are careers in a greater level of care and awareness within the community. Companies that employ this self-regulating ethics model seek to take responsibility for how their practices affect communities, environments, and people everywhere. If this type of work with an eye for community awareness and problem-solving sounds of interest to you, follow along. Here are five, excellent, growing careers in corporate responsibility today.

1. Environmental Sustainability Associate

One very large portion of corporate responsibility is that of environmental effect. How do company services and products affect the environment, directly and indirectly? What is done with hazardous materials, and how energy-efficient are the company’s various practices and equipment?

Enter the environmental sustainability associate. This individual monitors, reports on, and creates plans for better performance in the area of environmental impact. In some cases, the ES associate will work in a general mode, considering all area of environmental impact. At other times, they may be involved with certain projects or programs with more narrow focuses. Either way, these professionals help companies actively engage this very important subject.

2. Public Relations Officer

Sometimes, corporate responsibility is owned and presented by way of public relations. This commonplace company department is responsible for the outbound communications of the company to the public and its consumer-base. By way of corporate responsibility specifically, this part of the company would be that to admit faults, voice improvements, and exchange ideas with the public in a responsibility-taking fashion. As such, a public relations officer is the professional working in this department and performing these very duties for the company.

3. Environmental Scientist

Environmental science is absolutely pertinent to sustainability and corporate responsibility. Without it, many companies couldn’t even begin to fully understand their impacts, let alone the solutions to any problems which may arise thereof. Environmental scientists thus fill this critical role in doing the work to scientifically understand problems, solutions, effects, and more. Of further positive note regarding this career choice, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates its demand to grow by a very healthy 11 percent through 2026.

4. Compliance Manager

Compliance managers fill the important role of making sure that things are operating exactly as prescribed by a company’s upper management. A business can mean well and employ all of the right codes, rules, and plans, but if unheeded throughout the ranks, these assertions become mere gestures. Compliance managers may work in general compliance, monitoring compliance over all sorts of diverse processes, people, and assets. They may also take charge of more finite areas of concern within that company, depending on their assignment.

5. Consultant

Consultants are professionals who essentially provide advice to clients in need of that outside advice. In order to consult, though, one must be quite knowledgeable or even a verified expert in a particular subject. In the area of corporate responsibility, any number of consultants may be employed in order to seek the most informed consensus and decision on a matter. Consultants needed in this area of interest would include strategists, public relations experts, environmentalists, legal and ethics experts, biologists, sociologists, and more.

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Corporate responsibility is a broad area of interest for companies concerned with image and/or their impacts on the greater regions of their operations. As this area of business interest has grown, so too has the demand for suitable workers within. The five above-mentioned careers in corporate responsibility are just a handful of the many out there today.