5 High Paying Jobs in Advertising

5 Top Advertising Salaries

  • Advertising Manager
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Writer
  • Art Director
  • Video Editor

The field of advertising is a lucrative one – and the right training or degree program can help to launch a high-powered career in advertising and marketing. Typically requiring a bachelor’s degree, these careers nonetheless are well worth the investment for high-end salaries, benefits, and amazing company perks, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

From marketing department managers to advertising art directors, the highest paid jobs in the field represent a vast array of different skills, training, and personality types. Here are five of the best high paying jobs in advertising.

1. Advertising Manager

Averaging more than $100,000 per year, advertising managers oversee the creation of advertising campaigns from materials and layouts to content production and imagery. Managers in advertising and marketing often receive excellent company perks and benefit packages, including healthcare, vacation time, sick time, and severance pay, and this area of advertising is expected to grow well past the national average over the next few years. This position often requires a bachelor’s degree, but for the potential payoff, it’s well worth the effort for dedicated and driven students.

2. Market Research Analyst

Market research analysts are the data science arm of marketing and advertising, and analyze, condense, and present the many bits and pieces of data received by advertising campaigns, like social media metrics, website hits, demographics, average length of time spent on a particular page, and lots more. The job of the market research analyst is to collect and analyze this data for comprehensive presentation to the rest of the marketing team to determine what works – and what doesn’t. They average about $60,000 per year, and are key personnel to the long-term success of any marketing campaign – and any company.

3. Writer

Writers for advertising and marketing campaigns currently average about $45,000 per year. Writers may do anything from writing social media posts and blogs to writing longform articles and assisting analysts in presenting data in an easily accessible fashion. Writers with knowledge of marketing and data science are especially well-paid, and writers who work long-term with successful companies often enjoy excellent benefits packages as well as perks like telecommuting.

4. Art Director

Advertising is a highly creative field, not least because it frequently involves fine art and design expertise for well-executed marketing campaigns. The duties of the art director involve overseeing the artists in their employ, working with teams of artists to create and maintain cohesion across advertising campaigns, contribute art to campaigns, and ensure that artistic production is up to company standards. Art directors can earn up to $100,00 per year, and those salaries often come with generous benefits and perks – like most managerial positions in this field.

5. Video Editor

From YouTube ads to television commercials, video editors are essential experts in the success of any advertising campaigns. Video editors work to assemble video footage into visually pleasing and informative commercials and infomercials, and ensure that videos released to the public are in strict accordance with company standards and, at times, state and federal laws. Video editors average $45,000 per year.

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From advertising professionals who adore the spotlight to those who work behind the scenes, each of these lucrative careers represents different skills and interests – but all represent a bright and lucrative future in the field of advertising.