5 Highest Paying Jobs in Business

5-highest-paying-jobs-in-businessMajoring in business gives you access to a world of high-powered jobs that promise six-figure salaries to those patient enough to climb the corporate ladder. There are many areas of specialization to choose from, but these five currently offer the best earning potential for business graduates.

Chief Marketing Officer

Today’s businesses have extensive marketing avenues available, and it’s the job of the chief marketing officer to figure out which ones will produce the greatest benefits for the company. This includes planning and implementing marketing strategies to increase brand awareness and spread the word about products and services. By analyzing target markets and interpreting campaign statistics, a chief marketing officer gains clear insight into what the company’s ideal customer wants and how to give it to them. Working your way up to this position could bring in as much as $172,000 per year.

Tax Director

Tax directors keep on top of every of the complex web of a businesses’ taxes to ensure that the company is always in compliance with local and federal laws. They work to develop and implement tax strategies and handle any troubles that pop up when addressing tax procedures. Completing all tax documents and submitting them on time requires strong math skills, and solid communication skills are necessary when dealing with business or tax officials. A potential salary of $140,000 per year also compensates for overseeing other company staff that handle tax duties.

IT Systems Manager

Computer systems are the heart of modern businesses. The IT systems manager is in charge of planning, setting up and managing systems that serve a company’s needs, whether starting from the ground up or upgrading an existing system. The systems manager also implements proper security protocols and installs software updates whenever they become available. In large companies, these tasks are delegated to an IT team that the systems manager oversees. A solid understanding of both computers and business can net you $136,000 a year in this position.

Chief Financial Officer

An accounting major could earn as much as $130,000 per year as a company’s chief financial officer. Managing risks, implementing plans and keeping records requires knowledge of the company’s financial history. Strong speaking skills aid in translating this information into regular presentations to stakeholders. To balance all aspects of a company’s finances, a chief financial officer must assess which ventures are the most profitable and incorporate them into projections and plans for the future. Smart management of current finances, including investments, creates a strong foundation on which the company can build and grow.

Financial Advisor

Individuals need financial help just as much as businesses. Financial advisors work one-on-one with clients to help them create investment portfolios that generate reliable income. Strong communication skills are necessary in order to explain current financial options to clients and educate them on the best ways to manage their money to meet their personal goals. Financial advisors must consistently monitor accounts and the state of the market in order to suggest beneficial changes to investments. If you’re willing to network and market your services, you could earn $122,000 a year in this job.

To land one of these positions, you need to put your all into your education and take advantage of every networking opportunity while you’re in school. Business is as much about who you know as what you know, so spend time in the career center, attend job fairs and stay in constant communication with your academic advisor to ensure that you’re on track for the career that you want.

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