5 Informative Blogs About Project Management

5 Project Management Blogs

  • Project Management
  • The Project Lab
  • The Lazy Project Manager
  • Capterra
  • PM Student

Leading a team through a business plan always comes with unexpected obstacles, so use these five informative blogs about project management to be prepared. They can help you management your time, find helpful software, and even get outside assistance from consultants.

1. Project Management

In addition to providing informative blogs that help you coordinate projects, this blog also includes interactive tools and guides. There are live and archived webinars that offer insider tips to project managers. Plus, if you are a member, you can earn PDUs (Professional Development Units) by participating, which can help you get certified by the Project Management Institute. Also, use templates, online discussions, surveys, and training resources to stay informed and involved in the field.

2. The Project Lab

If you are looking for successful models about project management, then this blog is for you. The case studies include challenges to overcome like time management, recovering from setbacks, and long-term planning uncertainties. These studies showcase clienteles’ stories of personal consultant success. The company has a large team that manages, from business analysts to schedulers that guide projects through difficulties. They have undertaken 45 project management cases since December 2013.

3. The Lazy Project Manager

Blogger, speaker, and consultant Peter Taylor offers solutions to project management failures by advocating for agile attitudes. According to the Harvard Business Review, agility creates continuous improvement for a growing software-driven world. He also writes about his personal experience of limiting obstacles by staying positive. He shows his clients and his audience how to work less by making smart decisions. It is when we get stressed and rushed that we make mistakes and compromises that hinder success. He also hosts podcasts and webinars as well as travels to conferences around the world to motivate project managers.

4. Capterra

This project management blog includes a library of software programs and reviews. The directory is divided into industry categories, features, and installment options. Then each software includes reviews, ratings, pricing, and product details. Their blog is separated into field categories as well, for instance nonprofit, hotel management, and retail. Topics go into more detail about software programs, statistics, job markets, and tips and tools to enhance any project. There is also a news sections to stay up-to-date on software and industry announcements.

5. PM Student

If you are a beginner at project management, you should keep this blog bookmarked. It guides novices through the basics of staff motivation techniques, template design, and adoption methods for unexpected change and time regulations. There are courses for sale on risk management and coaching that walks you through the process of a project plan. These classes can contribute to your PDUs for a PMI certificate and help build your resume if you are looking for a career change. You will have access to all purchased courses for one year, so you can take your time through the self-paced sequence.

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Developing a strategy and staying informed will help your project stay on track but always anticipate change and be flexible. The tips, tools, and community resources found on these five informative blogs about project management can be a lifeline to struggling plans that need rejuvenation.