5 LinkedIn Groups for MBA Students

While it is easy to think that LinkedIn is a social platform like any other, becoming a member of some of the best LinkedIn groups for MBA students can make all the difference. They are the best ways of flocking with birds of your feather. Most importantly, they are some of the greatest ways of finding the specific areas to cover in your MBA program, getting an internship, and finally landing a job. Remember, however, that there are thousands of LinkedIn groups targeted for MBA students. Since you cannot join them all, a little help in pointing out some of the best would do you a lot of good.

MBA Highway

The group is among the few specifically designed for MBA students. Therefore, its membership is not as big as some of the other groups. It is, nevertheless, the first group you should join if you want to stay informed about the on-goings in the MBA circles. MBA Highway members are usually the first to know about the different concentrations and classes offered by various schools. Additionally, they learn how to get experience when not in class. There are various jobs specially meant for MBA students as well as an opportunity to get career advice from members who include fellow students, MBA program staff, hiring managers and other professionals.

Career Rocketeer

Going through an MBA program is not always easy. It is everyone’s intention to get a job soon after graduation; if not for anything else, to reap the fruits of all the hard work. However, employment may not come easy. Career Rocketeer is a great group for MBA students who have just graduated and are hunting for jobs.

Some of the best qualities of the LinkedIn group for MBA students include tips on customizing your resume to fit the latest requirements for different positions in the industry. Moreover, you will get expert advice on how to handle yourself during interviews. Members also get a chance to look at the jobs offered on the group and send their applications.

Future Trends

One of the most popular LinkedIn groups for MBA students, Future Trends’ membership goes above the 160,000 mark. Once you join it, you will get an opportunity to discuss the future trends in the business industry. Additionally, MBA students are updated on the skills that you will need to make a mark in the industry once you graduate.

Future Trends is also a home for undergrad students. They not only find ready assistance in searching for internships but also how to best apply for them. Both undergrad and MBA students look for, and get advice on the most suitable jobs for them.

Finance Club

If you are interested in pursuing an MBA, your heart may not be too far from finance. If you are studying both, it is good to prepared when it comes to not only getting a job but also the right one. Finance Club is home to over 250,000 present and future finance industry experts. They include students like you, tax accountants, and even Wall Street professionals. The group is one of the best platforms for MBA students who are eager to be part of a network that includes investors, bankers, and many other professionals working in different sectors of the finance industry.

National Association of Women MBAs

There are groups dedicated to the welfare of MBA students only. Likewise there are groups whose membership is strictly female MBA students. One of them is the National Association of Women MBAs.

The number of women pursuing MBA is significantly lower than that of men. You are, therefore, lucky if you are a female student. You are free to join other groups as well as have your interests looked after by such a group as the National Association of Women MBAs. One outstanding quality of the group is the chance to learn about gender equity laws and assistance on the appropriate steps to take in case you are sexually harassed while working.


While giving your best in your studies is a great thing, it is not everything. You must find a way of networking with fellow students and experts in the industry. There are many good enough groups, but the above 5 LinkedIn Groups are the best bet.

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