5 Must-Follow Blogs for Entrepreneurs

5 Entrepreneur Blogs to Follow

  • The Octane Blog: Insights From Leading Entrepreneurs
  • Seth Godin’s Blog
  • Both Sides of the Table
  • The Gaps Blog
  • Peter Voogd’s Blog

Whether you’re an established business owner or you have plans to start your own business soon, there are five must-follow blogs for entrepreneurs you’ll want to be aware of. The following entrepreneurial blogs will help you understand every aspect of business ownership, from viable ideas to start-up financing to hiring and firing employees:

1. The Octane Blog: Insights From Leading Entrepreneurs

Contributors to the Octane Blog are drawn from the membership of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO). This is a global organization consisting of more than 12,000 business owners and executives in 54 different countries. Because of the broad diversity of contributors, the blog could be of interest to entrepreneurs in a wide range of industries and businesses.

The Octane Blog features daily posts covering every imaginable facet of business ownership. Categories featured in the blog include business / finance tips, best practices, management, women entrepreneurs, partnerships and more.

2. Seth Godin’s Blog

Seth Godin has written multiple best-selling books on entrepreneurship and other related topics. His bite-sized blog posts are quick to read, yet they contain powerful insights. His musings are sure to inspire experienced entrepreneurs to enjoy even greater successes in business and in life. His blog posts will also prove valuable to aspiring entrepreneurs who are still employed and wondering how to get from where they are to where they want to be.

3. Both Sides of the Table

Mark Suster is the chief editor behind the blog at bothsidesofthetable.com. He is a former entrepreneur who sold both of his businesses before branching out in a new direction as a venture capitalist at California-based GRP Partners. His blog is particularly valuable reading material for entrepreneurs who are interested in launching venture capital funded startups, although it could be helpful for entrepreneurs in other types of businesses as well.

4. The Gaps Blog

If you want to start or grow a business, perhaps you’d be interested in discovering some new ideas that are worth investing in. This blog’s purpose is revealing gaps in the business market that are wide open for successful development by a savvy entrepreneur.

The blogger behind these ideas is Glen Allsopp, whose business success has come about because of his relentless pursuit of information about search engine optimization (SEO). Much of his writing on the blog is focused on topics relevant to SEO and search marketing.

5. Peter Voogd’s Blog

Peter Voogd is author of a book called Six Months to Six Figures. He is also a podcaster and public speaker. His videos appear at the Entrepreneur.com website and at various other business and finance sites around the internet.

Peter Voogd’s young entrepreneur’s blog posts typically consist of brief show notes summaries of his podcasts. You’ll also occasionally find downloadable checklists or other materials to accompany the material presented in the podcasts.

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Following these five business blogs will provide you with a mix of smart business ideas, inspiration from other successful entrepreneurs, motivation for taking action in your own business and helpful strategies for maximizing the time you spend working. If you’re planning to start your own business or hoping to be more successful in a business that’s already launched, these five must-follow blogs for entrepreneurs could help to guide you in your quest for success.