5 Non-Traditional Career Options in Real Estate

5 Great Non-Traditional Real Estate Jobs

  • Real Estate Appraisers
  • Foreclosure Specialists
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Real Estate Brokers
  • Rental Property Managers

In addition to sales, there are many great career options in real estate that provide comfortable salaries and job flexibility. While some of these options include such traditional positions as real estate agents and brokers, there are several non-traditional positions available in real estate as well. Five of these exciting career options are described below.

1. Real Estate Appraisers

An ideal real estate career option for persons who have an eye for detail involves property appraisals. The main responsibility of real estate appraisers is to determine the value of real estate for such purposes as property taxes, insurance, seizures, and negotiations between sellers and buyers or owners and rental applicants. Persons who choose this path will need to be licensed or certified depending on the state where they wish to be employed.

2. Foreclosure Specialists

Another terrific career option in real estate is that of a foreclosure specialist. It is the responsibility of foreclosure specialists to handle everything necessary to reclaim real estate due to default on a mortgage. These professionals are typically employed by banks but can work for real estate companies as well. At times, foreclosure experts will work with property owners to determine if they qualify for various programs that can help them avoid foreclosure.

3. Real Estate Agents

Perhaps the most common career option in real estate is obtaining a position as a real estate agent. Real estate agents include those who represent property owners and those who represent potential buyers. In either case, their main goal is to match homes and other property with prospective buyers. Statistics provided by the United States Department of Labor estimate that positions in this area will increase at a rate of 6 percent over the next several years.

4. Real Estate Brokers

Another traditional career option for people interested in real estate is choosing to work as real estate brokers. Brokers can work on their own or they may choose to employ agents to help them sell properties. It is also important to note that while real estate brokers can take on the responsibilities of agents, agents cannot perform the tasks of brokers. Common tasks of brokers include locating buyers and sellers of properties, acting as intermediaries between buyers and sellers, and providing advice to clients.

5. Rental Property Managers

Real estate career options that involve rental property are perfect for people who have excellent managerial and supervisory skills. Rental property managers are typically employed by property owners, and their main responsibility is to handle all of the tasks related to rental property. This often includes such things as advertising vacancies, supervising maintenance staff, handling rental payments, checking references, and maintaining tenant files.

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Real estate careers provide many great benefits including top salaries, flexible career options, and room for advancement. For people interested in beginning a career in this highly-rewarding field, there are many terrific real estate career options including those described in the sections above.