5 Scholarships for Sports Management Degrees

Sports Management College Scholarships

  • Chuck McPhilomy Scholarship
  • Joan E. Barr Memorial Scholarship
  • David J. Stern Sports Scholarship
  • Linda Riddle/SGMA Endowed Scholarship through the Women’s Sports Foundation
  • Glenn M. Wong Sport Law Scholarship

Anyone planning to learn the basics and fundamentals of Sports Management from an undergraduate level should look for major-specific Sports Management scholarships first. Athletes may physically compete on the court or the field, but sports managers are the professionals who work in the offices, behind-the-scenes, or as player advocates in a public setting.

To prepare for this highly competitive industry, everyone without experience or a connection needs to even the playing field with a degree. Entry-level candidates can start with a Bachelor’s, but having a Master’s will land serious job seekers higher paying roles. Since tuition, books and other college costs are so expensive, getting help from foundations is essential. Here are 5 major-specific scholarships available to sports management undergrads:

1. Chuck McPhilomy Scholarship

The Chuck McPhilomy Scholarship is available to undergraduate students who are majoring in Sports Management and who are attending their program as a full-time student. The value of the award varies each year and awards are not need-based or merit-based. Preference is given to veterans, however, all students in the major are eligible.

2. Joan E. Barr Memorial Scholarship

The Joan E. Barr Memorial Scholarship is also for undergraduate students majoring or minoring in Sports Management but the requirements are much more strict than the opportunity above. The scholarship is a school-based, merit-based, and need-based award that only students attending Isenberg School are eligible for.

The foundation, which is made up of alumni, business partners, and the community, has given the Isenberg School $450,000 in aide for one school year. While anyone is welcome to apply, sophomores and juniors who maintain excellent grades and demonstrate need are most likely to be awarded.

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3. David J. Stern Sports Scholarship

The National Basketball Association endowed the David J. Stern Sports Scholarship through the Thurgood Marshall College Fund so that dedicated students with a passion for sports management can attain their 4-year degree in the field. Recipients of the scholarship will receive $30,000 over a course of three years starting their sophomore year.

Anyone who wants to apply for the David J. Stern Sports Scholarship will need to have already completed their freshmen year as a Sports Management major at a historically black college. Students must have earned a minimum GPA of 3.0 in their first year of college and they must be able to show proof that they were leading in committees during the semesters.

4. Linda Riddle/SGMA Endowed Scholarship through the Women’s Sports Foundation

Linda Riddle was an athlete who demonstrated all of the qualities you would want on your team. To celebrate her life, the Women’s Sports Foundation offers the Linda Riddle/SGMA Endowed Scholarship. The purpose of the scholarship is to support women who are involved in sports and still dedicated to spending time studying for a degree.

Only first-year students may apply for the scholarship. They must have been on a high school team and maintained a 3.5 GPA their senior year of high school. All applicants will need to attend either a 2 or 4-year college the following year on a full-time basis. Recipients are awarded $1500.

5. Glenn M. Wong Sports Law Scholarship

The Glenn M. Wong Sports Law Scholarship is for sports management students who would like to enroll in a Sports Law program later on in their career. All applicants must have a goal to enroll in law school in the future. They also must be able to show they have a financial need and that they have demonstrated academic excellence in their recent student career.

There is help out there for students who don’t want to apply for loan after loan to make it through school. College can be a major expense when a student doesn’t have their own college fund. These Sports Management scholarships help students get a college education without digging themselves into too much debt.