5 Top-Paying Careers in Human Resources

5 Great Human Resources Jobs

  • Human Resources Manager
  • Compensation and Benefits Manager
  • Human Resources Consultant
  • Training and Development Manager
  • Employment Manager

Careers in human resources are among the most important positions available to business students today. Most all companies, large or small, need employees to help them with the various aspects of their business, and it is the responsibility of HR personnel to ensure that staff members are well-suited to their jobs. There are many paths that human resource grads may choose to take, and the careers described below are some of the highest-paying in the field.

1. Human Resources Manager

Careers in HR management are nearly at the top of the HR career ladder taking a back seat only to human resources directors and chief human resources officers. Individuals who choose this career path are responsible for overseeing every facet of human resources in the organizations where they are employed. The main duties of human resources managers are to ensure that HR programs and activities run smoothly and ensuring that HR policies comply with regulations at local, state, and federal levels.

2. Compensation and Benefits Manager

One of the best ways to avoid turnover and maintain good employees in corporations is to provide staff members with satisfactory compensation and benefits packages. This fact has lead to the need for human resources professionals involved in compensation and benefits management. The main responsibility of compensation and benefits managers is to devise compensation and benefits packages that will help organizations retain employees and attract individuals who will fit in well with the company.

3. Human Resources Consultant

Positions as human resources consultants are great HR careers for individuals who would like to work independently. These experts typically work as independent contractors and are employed by various organizations to examine specific HR issues. While these issues can vary depending on the organization’s needs, they often include such things as designing new incentive programs, crafting new HR policies, and redesigning employment and training procedures.

4. Training and Development Manager

Careers in training and development management are terrific for HR professionals who would like to work closely with employees of organizations. These careers are most always in moderate to high demand, and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, positions in this field are expected to increase at a rate of about 11 percent over the next few years. The main duties of training and development managers are to create and implement various training and orientation programs for new employees and managers.

5. Employment Manager

Careers in employment management are also in the category of high-paying HR careers. These professionals have the responsibility of hiring employees that will be best-suited to open positions within the organization. Employment managers take part in many essential activities including assessing the needs of the company, creating job profiles, screening potential candidates for job openings, and meeting with top management to advise them as to which applicants would be best for various positions.

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Human resources is a lucrative field that offers many fantastic benefits for business majors today. In addition to providing plenty of room for advancement, human resources experts also enjoy great salaries and benefit packages. Furthermore, there are many top-paying careers in HR including those described above.