5 Top Paying Jobs in Marketing

Five High-Paying Marketing Careers

  • Product Marketing Manager
  • Content Marketing Director
  • Marketing Director or Manager
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • International Marketing Executive

Many aspiring marketers might wonder what the top paying jobs in marketing are so they know what salaries they can expect at the peak of their careers. Marketing is an in-demand field for a reason. It’s attractive for many students as well as necessary for almost every company out there. Without a solid marketing plan, companies know they will have a harder time generating revenue. Marketing can also be a very lucrative field, too. Below is an outline of the five top paying jobs in marketing.

1. Product Marketing Manager

These marketing professionals do extensive market research regarding demand for products and then come up with a viable marketing strategy to promote them. You may work in a local, regional or even national capacity in this top paying marketing job. You also may need experience marketing products in a specific industry to be considered for a position. A product marketing manager usually has high levels of interpersonal communication with other professionals, publicists, trade show organizers and more. While digital marketing can be a part of this job, it tends to be less digitally-inclined than many other marketing roles.

2. Content Marketing Director

Content marketing is huge because it helps sell products and services without feeling salesy. It also builds a reputation for professional knowledge and imparts helpful information to customers. It should come as no surprise, then, that content marketing directors get paid good money in today’s digital world. In this position, you will be in charge of directing all content a company puts out on its blog and social media profiles. This will entail working with writers, photographers and video producers in order to create engaging content that generates interest in a product or service.

3. Marketing Director or Manager

This position is attractive for many workers and high competition should be expected for openings. For companies that don’t have a Chief Marketing Officer or much of a marketing department, the marketing director may handle almost all of the company’s marketing activities, making this a more general marketing position as opposed to a more specific one. They can work for advertising agencies or private corporations. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the median annual wage for marketing managers is around $132,230.

4. Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

The Chief Marketing Officer is the top marketing position at many companies. There isn’t much advancement to be had once you reach this level. Moving to a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) position is about the only way to advance any further. Because this is an executive position, it is expected to pay very well, making it one of the top paying jobs in marketing. Candidates that are seriously considered for this position often have years or even decades of experience behind them. They oversee all of a company’s marketing activities.

5. International Marketing Executive

This is a position that focuses exclusively on directing international marketing and sales. It is a position that offers significant challenges in marketing a product or service to another culture that may have very different sensibilities than your own. International travel or even residing internationally may be a requirement for this job, making it a good choice for someone fascinated by other cultures or who already knows more than one language.

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Most of these positions only require a bachelor’s degree, along with experience and a proven track record of success. These are the positions marketers can aspire to if they want a higher salary and greater influence. Consider these top paying jobs in marketing that regularly make six-figure salaries as the end goal of any marketing career.