5 Twitter Feeds About Business Management

Are you searching for some useful Twitter Feeds about business management? If so, we’ve compiled an excellent, short list just for you. Here is our rundown of five great Twitter feeds about business management topics and concerns.

Dave Crenshaw

Dave Crenshaw is a successful author, entrepreneur, expert speaker, and business guru. In his colorful Twitter feed, Crenshaw exposes the visitor to an often quirky yet straightforward view on all types of business matters. Although the overall feed is more focused to the small business, it is wide ranging, covering all sorts of topics, from effective scheduling and employee management, to online training opportunities and client control. Those interested in management advice get a well-rounded helping here.


The next in our list of great Twitter feeds about business management comes to us courtesy of blog writer, Elizabeth Harrin. For many years now, Harrin, the esteemed business writer has published the PM4Girls Twitter feed. In the feed, Harrin applies her experience along with current events to provide visitors a great compass on how to manage virtually all aspects of business operation. Recent topics discussed by Harrin in her very active feed have included team-building, successful project management, the use of graphics in business media, collaboration tools, and more. The feed also features ample opportunities for contacting the author and attending regularly-staged seminars and webinars.

Business Insider

Business Insider is a long-standing and very trusted publication on all things related to business and business management. With over 1.6 million faithful followers, the Business Insider feed regularly supplies the masses with up-to-date news and advice. Recent feeds have included topics such as hedge fund money-making, the presidential election’s effects on business, new psychological theories on employee training methods, and influential people in business. Although this feed does offer some subject matter that wanders slightly from management topics, it is nonetheless a great source for cutting-edge news and views on business management.

Robin Sharma

As so perfectly put by the American Management Association, “All leaders must excel at personal proficiency. While individuals may have different styles (introvert/extrovert, intuitive/sensing, etc.), an individual leader must be seen as having personal proficiency to engage followers”. Such proficiency in leadership engagement is exactly what Robin Sharma’s self-titled Twitter feed is all about.

In the best-selling author’s very active feed, skills in leadership are virtually professed to readers on a daily basis. Since 2009, Sharma’s feed has supplied management insights all based on his friendly, yet committed and capable leadership approach. Examples of recent post topics include behavior of leaders, willingness to learn in leadership, and daily benchmarks for a successful day in management.


The last but certainly not least in our list of great Twitter feeds about business management is another nod to the leadership aspect of business management. LeadershipFreak is Dan Rockwell’s valuable offering to today’s leading minds in business management on Twitter. To be trusted, Rockwell himself is an AMA Top 30 Leader, INC Top 50 Leadership Expert, and Top 100 Leadership Speaker.

Subsequently, this popular feed by Rockwell is a top value in management and leadership guidance. Topics such as enjoyable meetings, humility in management, and steps to overcoming disappointments in performance, can help craft anyone into a prime leader or manager. Posts here are also made quite frequently and contain relatively large volumes of memes, charts, posters, and other functional media.

Business management is an area of great importance in the overall terms of the functions and success of business. Social media has grown to accommodate the growing demands of an ever-expanding, ever-learning business world. These five, great Twitter feeds about business management points of interest represent that exact growth while also supplying professionals with a constant flow of valuable information.