5 Twitter Feeds for Venture Capitalists

Venture capitalists are professionals who specialize in providing funding options for new and start-up businesses. The premise is simple: much-needed funding is supplied to a fledgling business in exchange for a portion of future profits or business equity. Those working in this field are thus experts in the understanding of risks, fledgling businesses, and investment strategy. Here, we highlight five, great Twitter feeds acting in the service of this particular profession and its own, specific demands.

Mark Suster

Mark Suster is an extremely successful venture capitalist whose advice is sought and respected by many. Since 2007, Suster has provided the general public with his deep insights via this Twitter feed. Not harnessed by any one, particular area of focus, Suster’s feed is very broad with regard to its coverage of the subject of venture capitalism. Recent examples of posts at this often wandering yet hugely popular and entertaining VC feed include subjects of body positioning during presentations, new VC funds coming available, and professional influences in the industry.

Fred Wilson

Fred Wilson is one of the country’s highly successful and respected VC’s. His work has brought him his own riches and led him to a path of helping others via his resource-rich Twitter feed. With over 569,000 followers at the moment, Wilson is widely considered to be one of the top, most influential venture capitalists on Twitter.

Here, visitors are privy to a very active feed with plenty of relevant VC material, always laced with entertaining tidbits throughout. Learn about startups, funding allocation, and even find links to the many other professionals Wilson associates with within his feed. There is much to take in at this broad-based VC feed of an industry leader.

Barbara Corcoran

“Shark Tank” is a popular television show in which celebrity VC’s are pitched business ideas and deals and either reject or accept these startup offers. The great influence of the show is noted by Business Insider – “If you can make it onto ABC’s hit show ‘Shark Tank,’ you’ll have an audience of about 10 million people to show your product. It’s why even entrepreneurs who lose out on a deal often report a notable uptick in sales following their appearance on the show, which portrays negotiations between small-business owners and a panel of potential investors dubbed ‘Sharks.’”

Barbrara Corcoran is one of those sharks and gurus of the world of venture capitalism that also happens to be quite active on Twitter. Her 527,000 followers there are treated to her specific brand of expertise marked by jovial wit. Recently, Corcoran’s feed has discussed her humble beginnings, effects on her success, valuable business attitudes, and the activities of other “sharks” from the television show.

Brad Feld

Brad Feld is a leading venture capitalist at Foundry Group, a noteworthy investment company. He specializes in the specific funding of internet and tech-based startups. Visitors to this guru’s extremely influential Twitter feed can expect a colorful and personable experience, learning about all sorts of VC concepts – entreprenuerialism in congress, books on VC, VC summits and events, and much more. The feed is also quite active, typically posting several times daily on many subjects like these.

Charlie O’Donnell

Finally, our list concludes with the influential and very relevant, Charlie O’Donnell Twitter feed. Here, guests are privy to a wide range of VC topics, from investment strategies to payout expectations, and everything else in-between. The feed is very active and is a good mix of VC insight and personal candor as well. O’Donnell himself is a lead investor for The Wing, an investment firm dedicated to the advancement of women in business endeavor.

Venture capitalism is an important and often exciting industry of progress. Here, at the intersection of banking and the birth of business, the venture capitalist stands, able to make the financial connection that makes it all possible. These five, great VC Twitter feeds provide a wealth of knowledge in this area and are ours courtesy of some of the world’s leading venture capitalists.

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