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Business Programs

Antioch University – Online appears in our ranking of the Top 15 Doctorate in Leadership Online Programs.

Students attending Antioch University – Online will find that the university offers several business degree programs. The MBA in Sustainable Tourism is a program that combines hospitality with business. Students have the option of both taking classes online and attending The University College of Tourism and Ecology in Portland. This program features 42 credits and four semesters of work. Students can also enroll in a part-time version of the program, which gives them more time to work on their degrees. They will take classes such as Finance for Socially Conscious Leaders, Trends in Tourism and Management of Tourist Attractions. MBA students will do a final project also.

The MHSA in Human Services Administration program that the university offers online is an accredited program that features seven-week classes. Students will typically take two classes during each session. They will take 36 credits of classes over the course of five semesters. Each course prepares students for working in human services and human resources. Those classes include Human Capital Management, Ethical Issues in Management and Building High Performance Teams. Students will also do a final project and work on that project over the course of their last two semesters.

Undergrads will find programs designed just for them such as the Bachelor of Science in Management program. Designed to give students a broad overview of business and management topics, it allows students to focus on either data analytics or healthcare administration. Though students must complete 120 credits of classes, they have the option to attend another school and transfer up to 60 credits into this program.

Antioch requires that students complete both an interdisciplinary core and a management core. The interdisciplinary core includes Experience and Expression, Foundations of Civilization and Ecology, Technology and Society. Courses in the management core include Ethical Issues in Management, Accounting and Budgeting, Business Law and Organizational Behavior. This program also requires that students do a senior project based on their focus areas. Antioch University – Online offers a BS in Applied Technology and Business Leadership and a BA in Liberal Studies, Leadership for Service and Change too.

About Antioch University – Online

Antioch University is the name given to a chain of university campuses located in the United States. Established in 1852 as Antioch College, the chain opened with just one campus in Yellow Springs, Ohio. This college was unique because it gave students the freedom to take the classes that interested them and to study the topics they found appealing. Horace Mann, who become the college’s first president, hoped that the school would one day rival Harvard University. After adding graduate programs to its catalog, the campus became Antioch University. The campus in Yellow Springs suffered financial problems that led to its closing. That campus later reopened as Antioch College and is now a separate institution.

The university system now consists of five physical campuses: two in California, one in New Hampshire, one in Washington and one in the Midwest. Antioch University – Online refers to the online campus that is part of this system. It offers many of the same opportunities and allows students to earn graduate and undergrad degrees online. Most of the undergrad programs require that students transfer credits from another school. More than 4,000 students now attend Antioch University – Online each year.

Antioch University – Online Accreditation Details

All branches of Antioch University have institutional accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). The HLC has several regional divisions located across the country that accredit the different campuses in this system, but the online campus has HLC accreditation too. Many of its counseling and psychology programs have accreditation from the American Psychological Association and similar organizations.

Antioch University – Online Application Requirements

It’s important that students check the Antioch University – Online website before applying because some programs may not accept new students. If the program has an application deadline, it will not accept any applications until the following school year. The deadline for the fall semester is August 10, which is a little more than two weeks before the semester starts.

Students applying to one of the undergrad programs must submit a transcript that shows the individual completed at least 24 credits of work at a regionally accredited college or university. Undergrads will also submit a statement of goals that includes any professional or educational goals that they have. Antioch requires a resume too. The university may ask undergrads to attend an admissions interview or supply two letters of recommendation also. Those who must go through an interview will talk with a faculty member from the department or area they want to study.

Both undergrads and graduate students will complete the Antioch online application, but grad students must complete some other requirements too. They must have a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university and submit a transcript that shows the student maintained a grade point average of at least 3.0. The university also asks for an essay that students can upload to the application. They will also provide the university with a current and valid resume and at least one letter of recommendation. Most online programs do not require that students take a standardized test or submit a test score.

Tuition and Financial Aid

The online campus of Antioch University charges different rates than the other branches do. Tuition starts at $350 per semester hour for undergrads. Students typically transfer up to 60 credits of courses to the university, which allows them to save money because they only take half of their required courses online. The university’s Health Services Administration graduate program and its MBA program both charge $630 per semester hour. These programs also charge a $75 fee each semester that covers the cost of the services available for students.

Antioch encourages students to talk with one of its financial aid counselors before they submit the FAFSA. Federal aid is available from the government for students who need help and use the FAFSA. They can borrow unsubsidized loans as grad students and subsidized loans as undergrads. The federal government also offers some grants. Antioch can also determine if students qualify for a grant such as a Federal Pell Grant. Students attending Antioch University – Online can also apply for scholarships from other sources in their undergrad and graduate years.