Colorado Technical University

Colorado Technical University is also featured in our ranking Top 25 Online Master’s in Project Management Degree Programs.

Master of Science in Management – Project Management

Colorado Technical University offers both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in project management. Students who want to learn more about either program or the university as a whole can fill out the request form on the CTU website. Representatives from the university will contact students over the phone, through the mail and by email.

The Master of Science in Management – Project Management program that the university offers is available online. Students can also enroll in a traditional version of the program and take classes on its Aurora campus near Denver or its Colorado Springs campus. The university starts this program at a few different times each year. This allows students to apply and immediately enroll in classes as soon as they get their acceptance letters. Classes usually start at the beginning of the month, but some sessions start in the middle of the month.

Each class in this accredited program are worth four credits apiece. Students must take 48 credits of classes, which is equivalent to 12 courses. Unlike other programs that offer both required classes and electives, this program requires that all project management majors take the same courses. They will take classes such as Information Technology Systems Development, Strategic Management in Dynamic Environments, Project Planning, Execution and Closure and Contracting and Procurement in Project Management.

CTU expects all students to take a Project Management Capstone class too. This class is one of the last ones that students take before they graduate. It asks them to do some type of final project or paper that acts as a thesis. They must base their work on a current or trending topic in the field or project management. Colorado Technical University will award students four credits for the class and for any work they do in that class too.

About Colorado Technical University

Colorado Technical University is a large university system that primarily educates students through its online campus. More than 90% of the students enrolled in CTU programs take all their classes online. Founded in 1965 as Colorado Technical College, it initially served as a vocational college. Many of its early students were military veterans who needed more training before they went back to work. It offered programs similar to those available from vocational schools and community colleges. Students spent two years studying different subjects before they graduate. It wasn’t until the 1990s that the college added bachelor’s degree programs to its curriculum, which led to the college becoming Colorado Technical University.

The Department of Homeland Security designated CTU as a Center for Academic Excellence, as did the NSA. Military Times ranked CTU as one of the best online schools for military veterans for two years in a row. Though it welcomes students on active duty status and veterans, it also welcomes other nontraditional students as well as traditional learners. Many working adults attend the university because they can schedule their classes around any other commitments that they have.

CTU operates a large online campus as well as physical campuses in both Colorado Springs and Aurora. Across all three campuses, the university has a total enrollment of more than 30,000 undergrad, graduate and doctoral students.

Colorado Technical University Accreditation Details

CTU has general accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), which has different branches that are responsible for accrediting colleges across the country. It is one of the only schools in the nation with accreditation from the Global Accreditation Center for Project Management Education Programs. This type of accreditation ensures that each program offered follows the standards established by that organization. The university also has accreditation for its nursing and business programs.

Colorado Technical University Application Requirements

Colorado Technical University doesn’t have nearly as many application and admissions requirements for graduate students as other colleges do. Students can start the application process with a simple interview. The university will assign the student an adviser who will give the student more information about the project management program. Advisers can also help students apply for financial aid at the same time that they apply for admission. Students can then complete the online application and submit it to the university.

The only main requirement for most prospective graduate students is an official transcript. CTU asks for transcripts from any college or university that the person applying attended. It uses those forms to see what courses the students took and the grades the student got to ensure he or she can handle graduate work and studying online. This transcript must show that the student maintained a grade point average of at least 2.0 as an undergrad too. Many programs also ask that students write an entrance essay that explains his or her reasons for studying at CTU. Students may need to go through an interview with a department representative too.

Tuition and Financial Aid

CTU charges a tuition rate of $610 per credit hour for graduate students enrolled in one of its project management programs. The university estimates that students will spend $29,280 to earn their degrees. Military students qualify for a reduced tuition rate of $460 per credit hour. CTU offers different programs that help students save money too. It is estimated that military students can earn their degree for less than approximately $23,000 in tuition.

Different grant programs are available from the university too. While some grants are only available for students majoring in certain fields or those at a higher level, other grants go to a wide range of students. Its Lifelong Learning Grant awards students $500 to $3,000 for simply completing their degrees at CTU. The university also offers different scholarships for undergrads as well as graduate and doctoral students. Students at any level can also use the FAFSA when they want to borrow money from the government in the form of a student loan or find out if they qualify for any grant programs. Colorado Technical University can also provide students with the resources needed to find alternative student loans.