Concordia University Texas

Concordia University of Austin is also featured in our ranking Top 50 Master’s in Sports Management Degree Online Programs.

Concordia University, Austin, TX, Online Master’s in Sports Management

At Texas’s Concordia University, students interested in careers in sports management, ticket sales, and team marketing can gain the skills they need to advance their careers with a Master of Education in Sports Administration. This program is offered entirely online, so many students choose to complete the program while continuing full-time employment. Each course lasts 8 weeks in length which allows students to give their full attention to mastering one or two subjects before moving on to the next topics. The program consists of 30 credit hours broken into 10 classes, and students have the option of taking between 2 and 4 classes each semester. The track includes classes from a variety of different disciplines. Sports management and business overlap in many ways, and student take graduate-level business and marketing courses including Finance, Human Resources, and Media and Marketing. Another part of the course progression includes psychology classes like Organizational Behavior In Sports. Finally, since the degree is housed in the College of Education, students must complete some education and leadership courses like Education Research as well as Ethics and Leadership in Education. Throughout the program, teachers emphasize how theory dictates practice and give examples demonstrating how new research has changed the industry.

About Concordia University

Today, Concordia Univerity in Austin, Texas, offers 24 undergraduate and 10 graduate degrees, but it was not until 1980, 54 years after it opened, that the school officially transitioned from a high school to a 4-year college. From the beginning, the school has been affiliated with the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod and works to exemplify the church’s ideals in all areas from education to campus life. Their mission is to help develop leaders who will carry the Christian message into all professions, and faculty members emphasize the Lutheran values and discuss ethical dilemmas present in today’s society and businesses. The university is part of the Concordia University System which is composed of 10 similar institutions throughout the United States. The Texas campus offers 18 completely online degree programs, and between these students and those on campus, enrollment totals about 2500 students.

In addition, The U.S. News & World Report included the school in the top 100 regional universities in the West.

Concordia University Accreditation Details

Accreditation is an important benchmark in higher education because this designates a school as an institution that provides adequate education, employs effective organizational practices, and has a sustainable business model. In addition, students can only receive federal financial aid, both grants, and loans, from schools that are regionally accredited. The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) evaluates post-secondary schools in 11 states in the southeastern and south central parts of the United States, so Concordia University Texas falls under their jurisdiction. During each review, SACSCOC focuses on six categories including Student Learning, Transparency, and Continuous Quality Improvement. Concordia was last accredited in 2008 with the next evaluation scheduled for 2018.

Concordia University Application Requirements

Admission into Concordia University’s Sports Administration graduate program is not overly competitive, and the application process is straightforward and can be completed in one session on the school’s admission portal. No standardized testing like the GRE is required, and students are eligible for the program as long as they have completed a bachelor’s degree with a cumulative GPA above 2.5. For those with a slightly lower GPA but still 2.25 or higher, there is an option to gain admission by writing an essay to compensate for lower grades. Along with the graduate school application, applicants need to submit complete transcripts documenting completion of their undergraduate degree as well as any transcripts from graduate schools. There are no particular undergraduate majors preferred, but students are encouraged to take some business, education, and psychology courses in preparation for the program.

Tuition and Financial Aid

At Concordia University, tuition is not dependent on the state of residence, rather varies from program to program. Students enrolled in the online Master of Education in Sports Administration can expect to pay $525 per credit hour for the 30-credit-hour program. This equates to a total tuition cost of $15,750 for the degree along with a $100 fee per semester. Students can either pay in one lump amount at the beginning of the semester or can take advantage of Concordia University’s payment plan system in which they can make payments each month. As long as the bill is paid by the end of the semester, no interest is collected, but there is a $25 enrollment fee upon signup.

While the university does not offer any scholarships to graduate students, there are many independent organizations that provide tuition funding for students who meet specific requirements, often involving financial need, academic achievement, and community service. Some are limited to students in a particular geographic area like the Ohio Parks and Recreation Association Foundation Scholarships, while others are available to students across the country including the Stadium Managers Association Foundation Student Scholarships and the Ethnic Minority and Women’s Enhancement Postgraduate Scholarship for Career in Athletics. In addition, Concordia University Texas prides itself on offering resources to help service-members access and make the best use of their GI Bill funding. The school is also a member of the Yellow Ribbon Program which provides additional tuition assistance for members of the military as well as their spouses. Students not currently in the Armed Forces can take advantage of corporate partnerships between the university and different companies. This program encourages businesses to develop tuition reimbursement programs for their employees while also giving them a 10 percent discount on tuition costs. Staff at Concordia’s financial aid office help students understand all of these options as well as both federal and private student loans.

With a student to faculty ratio of 18:1, students learn from teachers who have worked directly in the industry as well as those who have done extensive research in areas including athletic funding, risk management, gender issues, and coaching. Graduates from the online Master of Education in Sports Administration program at Concordia University in Austin, Texas, are well prepared for entry into the professional world.