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Johnson University Business Degrees

This school appears on our ranking of the Top 15 Doctorate in Leadership Online Programs 2018.

The Johnson University School of Business and Public Leadership provides baccalaureate, master, and doctorate level degrees that focus on Christian leadership principles. Each degree is offered at campuses in Florida and Tennessee and online. This degree of flexibility allows non-traditional students to access programs that can lead to a career in business administration, non-profit work, or leadership studies. Additionally, the online campus creates a worldwide network that becomes valuable for graduates seeking to form professional connections. The experienced faculty is made up of professionals with strong leadership experience in a variety of business and non-profit settings.

Bachelor of Science degrees available from Johnson University include Business Administration and Nonprofit Administration. Management, marketing, and sports management are the concentrations that accompany the BS degrees at Johnson. The Master of Business Administration degree includes concentration choices of leadership and non-profit management. Johnson’s Ph.D. level program is also available online and features concentrations in Educational Leadership, Organizational Leadership, Philosophy and Theology of Leadership, and Missional Leadership.

The online MBA program at Johnson is flexible and can be adjusted to fit the needs of students with full-time jobs or other obligations. Usually, the program is completed in 12-24 months, though participants have the option of taking more time if necessary. Six class sessions per year consist of three-credit classes that last seven weeks each. While most students take one class at a time, they may opt to take two during each session in order to finish the program in one year. The online format makes it possible to complete weekly assignments any time throughout that week that works with a student’s schedule. Students may begin the program in either January or August. Business core classes consist of important foundational concepts like Business Law and culminate in a capstone project that demonstrates the candidates’ grasp of practical applications of theoretical material. Courses such as The Non-profit Sector and Project Design Management complete the degree through presenting material specific to the chosen concentration.

About Johnson University

Johnson University is a private Christian college whose mission is to train ethical and responsible professionals who are excel within both faith-based and secular roles. Johnson’s main campus is in Kimberlin Heights, Tennessee, which is just a few minutes Southeast of Knoxville. Their second physical campus is located on the outskirts of Orlando, Florida. Extended education branches of Johnson are located in churches in Indianapolis, Knoxville, and Louisville. These facilities provide opportunities for faith-related degrees. In addition to these physical locations, Johnson University has an extensive online presence and offers degree programs at every level through its online campus. Founded with an emphasis on accessible Christian education, Johnson remains one of the most affordable private Christian universities in the United States.

Originally founded over a hundred years ago as The School of the Evangelists, Johnson University has a long history of fostering educational inquiry and servant leadership. The idea for the school was born out of a sermon by pastor Ashley Johnson who believed in the importance of quality faith-based education. In 1909, the school was renamed Johnson Bible College to honor Johnson who also served as its first president. Known as Johnson University since 2011, the university is the second oldest continuing Bible College in the United States and remains a popular choice for students looking to study business or leadership through a Christian lens.

Johnson University Accreditation Details

Johnson University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). According to SACSCOC, Johnson was accredited in 2013 and reaffirmed in 2016. The university will be assessed for accreditation renewal in 2026.

Johnson University Application Requirements

Applicants to the BS degree must submit an online application with the $35 application fee and a signed Lifestyle Commitment Form in which the student agrees to abide by Johnson’s rules of conduct for on-campus living. The 500-1000-word application essay should speak to the applicant’s personal and professional goals and their Christian faith and involvement. Official transcripts or a GED must be submitted along with SAT, ACT, or CLT scores. Finally, BS degree applicants must submit a copy of a government-issued ID and two letters of recommendation from a pastor and an employer or educator.

Applicants to the MBA program should submit a $50 application fee with their online application. Three letters of recommendation from a pastor, employer, and educator are required along with a three-page essay explaining the student’s reason for choosing Johnson University and how an education from Johnson fits into their work experience, professional goals, and Christian faith. A scan or copy of a government-issued ID is also required.

Ph.D. program applicants must fill out an online application and submit a $50 application fee. Official transcripts should have an average GPA of 3.0 or higher to demonstrate an ability to complete doctoral level work. Applicants should submit GRE or MAT scores in the 50th percentile or higher. A copy of a government-issued ID and three letters of recommendation from a pastor, employer, and graduate professor are also application requirements. Finally, doctoral program applicants must submit a 500-1200-word essay that explains their reasons for choosing Johnson and an academic writing sample from a research paper or a published piece in an academic journal. Candidates must complete in-person or telephone interviews to be accepted into the program.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition costs vary by location and degree. Undergraduate tuition, room and board, fees, and textbooks for the BS degree on the Tennessee campus is approximately $23,430 per year. On the Florida campus, the cost is $22,760 per year. The online BS degree costs $16,920 per year. Johnson’s online MBA degree costs a total of $24,300 while the doctorate degree is $44,407.

Johnson University students are encouraged to apply for government financial aid by filing their FAFSFA. While Johnson does not offer additional scholarships, substantial donations to the school by supporting churches and individuals make the standard tuition affordable. Financial aid counselors are available to work with each student in seeking additional sources of aid.

For more information, visit the Johnson University School of Business and Public Leadership page.