Virginia Commonwealth University

Virginia Commonwealth University is also featured in our rankingĀ Top 50 Master’s in Sports Management Degree Online Programs.

Sports Management Program

Virginia Commonwealth University is home to the Center for Sport Leadership, which offers programs that are similar to the sports management programs offered by other schools. Students can earn a Master of Education in Sport Leadership through the university, which prepares them for working as coaches and training athletes. This program is available on the university’s campus and as a distance education option for students living in other cities and states. All students can spend two weeks studying abroad.

This program features 15 classes and an externship. Students must take 24 credits of classes before doing an externship, but they can then repeat this class more than one to earn up to six credits. The university expects students to work in the sports industry for at least one semester. This program also includes courses such as Sports and Entertainment Event Development, Sport Psychology, Marketing of Sports and Sport Media and Communications.

Students can also apply to the university’s joint program and earn both a Master of Education in Sport Leadership and a Master of Business Administration. Designed for those who want to both lead and educate in the sports industry, it includes a number of business classes. Students must take 24 credits of classes over four semesters and then take electives and do an externship during the summer semesters. Courses in this Virginia Commonwealth University include Organizational Leadership and Project Team Management, Research Methods in Sport and Managerial Accounting Concepts.

About Virginia Commonwealth University

Established in 1968, Virginia Commonwealth University is a large public college with a campus in Richmond, Virginia. The university opened when two separate institutions in the state merged. One of those schools offered professional programs for students, while the other campus functioned as a medical school. Though both schools had a strong reputation in the community, they faced financial issues and other hardships that led to the merger. Virginia Commonwealth University took over for the campuses and added degree programs in the fields that those schools once offered. It still has a strong reputation for its medical programs, which led to the university receiving millions of funds from the government to study the effects of brain injuries on enlisted soldiers.

Also called VCU, the university has a campus in Monroe Park, which is its flagship campus. Students can also enroll in programs offered on the Medical Center campus and take classes on the Qatar campus overseas. VCU established a number of regional campuses and satellite learning branches that offer opportunities for students too. The Center for Sport Leadership at Virginia Commonwealth is a major branch of the university that hands its sport management and leadership programs. VCU also offers service learning programs for students who want to live in their own hometowns while attending college. More than 31,000 students enroll in the university each year, including more than 7,100 graduate and doctoral students.

Virginia Commonwealth University Accreditation Details

Students who hope to use any type of government aid when attending college must make sure that the school has regional accreditation. The regional accreditation that VCU has comes from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). SACS accreditation is also helpful for grad students who already earned some college credits because it allows them to transfer their credits into the sport leadership program. More than 10 other professional organizations granted VCU accreditation for its degree programs.

Virginia Commonwealth University Application Requirements

Students applying to the sport leadership program must meet all the application requirements of the university and all the requirements put in place by the Center for Sport Leadership at Virginia Commonwealth. Prospective students must submit all required documents and complete the application before the university will even consider them for admission. VCU will only accept applications submitted online.

The application features a homepage that allows students to pick the type of application they need. They will then visit a new page and create their accounts. The site requires that students set up both a unique password and username. Students will write a personal essay and upload it to the application site. The essay usually asks students about their goals and reasons for choosing a sports leadership degree as well as why they want to study at VCU. They may need to talk about their strengths and why a distance education program is right for them. VCU has a priority deadline of November 15 but will continue accepting applications as needed. The university will not accept applications submitted after May 31. Those applying to the distance education program must submit their applications by April 15 to start in the fall.

When students submit their online applications, they can use a credit card or a debit card to pay the $65 application fee. They must also provide the university with their official transcripts and three letters of recommendation. VCU gives priority to students with an undergrad grade point average of at least 3.0 but will accept students with a lower GPA. Students will also provide a resume and an official test score.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Full-time students attending VCU must take a minimum of nine credit hours of classes. The university estimates that those students will pay $20,500 a year to complete the sport leadership program. This figure includes the fees charged by the university and the fees associated with the external programs that students do. Distance education students can only enroll on a part-time basis. Those students will pay $569 per credit hour. The university also charges some fees based on the number of credits that part-time students take.

Any student who takes at least five credits of classes in a semester can apply for financial aid. VCU offers a small number of scholarships for students majoring in certain fields. Students can use the university’s financial aid website to find out more about external scholarships too. Those who use the FAFSA can see whether they qualify for the government aid that is available from both the state and federal governments. Virginia itself offers some programs for students who live in the state and are full-time residents. Both traditional and distance education students can apply for federal loans and alternative student loans also. Virginia Commonwealth University grad students can borrow $20,500 a year, which will cover the total cost of the sport leadership program.