Walden University

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Walden University was founded by two teachers, Bernie and Rita Taylor, social activists who collaborated with the author of an essay that inspired the school. The paper, written in 1969, entitled “Walden U: A Working Paper,” authored by Harold “Bud” Hodgkinson, described an institute of higher learning that was student centered. This concept still exists at Walden University as student and faculty work collaboratively, allowing students to apply hands-on knowledge they learn in the workplace to their classroom education.

A summer residency has been an important part of the university and monthly four-day residencies were added in the 1980s. The Walden Information Network (WIN) began in 1994, eventually becoming the online version of the university. Sylvan Learning Systems, which eventually became Laureate Education, purchased Walden in 2001. The organization began moving the university from graduate-only programs to a more comprehensive institute of higher learning. However, Walden University remains one of the most distinctive online universities in the United States.

Today, there are more than 47,800 students enrolled at Walden from all 50 states and more than 150 countries. Founded by social activists, the school continues to push students to use their higher education skills to better the world around them. Students are encouraged to facilitate change and to demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning. The university strives to demonstrate an understanding of methods of inquiry. Students develop an understanding of the need for information as well as how to identify, locate and use that information to resolve the issue. Walden staff and students are contributing to real change on a global scale. Faculty, college leadership and students work collaboratively to evaluate programs to assess how effective the curriculum is and how it is encouraging students to effect social change in a positive way. The university publishes Review of Social Change at Walden University in order to document how their curriculum effected change.

According to student surveys, 91 percent of students at the university are happy with the education they receive, and 85 percent would recommend the school to others.

Walden University Online Degree(s) Available

Online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Walden University offers a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration allows students to maximize their potential in a wide range of industries. Students engage in a curriculum that is composed of 70 percent business topics that allow them to gain skills that can be applied to roles, functions and industries. Students gain an understanding of accounting, finance, operations and marketing as well as how they work in tandem to keep any company running smoothly. Students are able to analyze issues that impact decisions made by businesses related to economics, politics, law, ethics and social-change. Students also gain an understanding of how technology and innovation assist organizations in developing as well as retaining competitive advantages.

Students are able to demonstrate proficiency in business principles and apply them locally, regionally, nationally and globally. Students develop critical-thinking skills in order to solve real-world problems. Ethical issues are discussed so that students gain an understanding of how those issues impact business decisions. Students are able to describe diversity and how it influences the methods used to achieve company goals. Students develop an understanding of technology and how it gives a company a competitive advantage. Research skills are emphasized and students gain an understanding of how to acquire new information in a wide range of industries. Courses required include:

  • Business Law
  • Business Statistics
  • Financial Management
  • Fundamentals of Accounting
  • Human Resource Management
  • Information Systems in Enterprise
  • Introduction to Management and Leadership
  • Marketing
  • Microeconomics
  • Operations

Students must also complete a capstone course. Students can customize their business degree in the following areas:

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Healthcare Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Information Systems
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Multicultural Marketing Communication
  • Project Management
  • Small Business Management

Walden University Accreditation Details

Walden University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and has held the accreditation since 1990. Accreditation validates that the school meets its mission and operates with integrity. In addition, accreditation confirms that students receive education that is focused on student achievement and that it has the resources necessary to meet their goals.

Walden University Application Requirements

Students who wish to attend Walden University must complete an application and provide transcripts. Unofficial transcripts are accepted for the initial application, but students will need to provide official transcripts in order to be officially enrolled. Students may use life and military experiences to earn credit at Walden University. Any student who wishes to do so should speak to an admissions counselor.

Students who wish to enter graduate programs at Walden University must hold a bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited college or university. Each program may also have additional admission requirements, so students are encouraged to speak to an admissions counselor before applying.

Walden University Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition varies depending on the program chosen at Walden University. Financial aid is available, and Walden gives $60 million in financial aid each year. Students may qualify for scholarships, grants and tuition assistance. Active-duty military, veterans and other military employees receive a 15 percent tuition reduction. Undergraduate students can choose the Accelerate Into Master’s program which allows them to save as much as 50 percent on the cost of a master’s degree. Approximately 77 percent of students in the business undergraduate program use student loans to pay for the degree.

Students may also reduce tuition expenses by using prior experience and learning assessments for college credit. Students who hold certification as Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters, Professional Human Resources, Senior Professional in Human Resources or Global Professional Human Resources may be eligible to use courses earned through certification toward college credit.

Walden University offers many online programs designed with working professionals in mind. Students who choose the online programs at Walden University receive the same rigorous curriculum as students who attend traditional classes. This allows working adults to meet outside obligations and achieve their higher education goals at Walden University.