Do I Need a Business Degree For a Career in Sports Management?

Sports Management CareersIf you have always had a passion for sports, but you want to use your management skills or your finance skills to lead a sports organization, it is important to find out what type of degree you must possess to compete for open positions. Sports management is a very competitive field, because there is a large population of sports lovers who want to work with athletes on the corporate or business side of the industry. The sports world may be a passionate one, but it is still a business, and because there are so many different concepts business managers need to know, earning a degree is almost always a must.

Take a Degree Specific to the Field of Sports Management

The very first step to entering the field of Sports Management is completing the right formal education program. While a generic Business Administration degree will help you develop the skills that you need to succeed in business, there are field-specific degree programs that may help you generate a deeper understanding that is focused to the field. You may understand the ins and outs of sports, but that does not mean that you have a deep understanding for marketing, accounting, business law, finance, management and technology. A Bachelor’s degree program majoring in Sports Management is the ideal program to enroll in.

What Will a Sports Management Degree Prepare You For?

Sports Management degrees come with several different titles. Some refer to their programs as Recreation Management programs and others will use similar related terms. It is important to understand what types of curriculum you will be required to complete to earn your degree. While you will need to take general education classes to fulfill the general requirements, the core courses that you will take will teach you about sports marketing, law, finance, management and other aspects of the industry that are unique to sports management.

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What Are the Other Requirements to Enter the Field?

Once you earn a Business degree that is focused around Sports Management, the best step would be to complete an internship so that you can network in the sports world. Schools at every level, recreational centers and professional teams all have a need for sports managers with different specialties. To make an impact on leaders that are already in the field, you can apply for internship opportunities where you will have a chance to show off your talents or hone your passion. You can work specifically in marketing, finance, accounting or other areas of business.

How would you like to have a job in the industry you have followed for entertainment, since you were a child? If you have always wanted to work in sports and sports management is the right field for you, it is time to start comparing different Bachelor’s degree programs. Sports Management has been ranked as number one on the list of top sports jobs, because they hold so much responsibility. Professionals in amateur sports average $50,000 per year and professionals in professional leagues average $200,000 per year, according to an article on the Sports Networker. If you want to earn this salary doing something you love, you will need a business degree for sports management so that you can compete.