How Do I Get a Degree in Global Business?

Global Business DegreeIf you are planning to go to college for business, but are unsure of your concentration, you should learn more about what is an global business degree. This degree, also called a international business degree, focuses on the particulars of the global business marketplace. Named the second most rewarding degree by Yahoo Education, a degree in global business can prepare you for a variety of lucrative careers. With the increased globalization of the economy, people with global business degrees will become even more valuable to employers in the years to come.

Best Colleges for Global Business

According to the rankings of U.S. News and World Report, the top five colleges for global business majors are the University of South Carolina, New York University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Southern California, and Georgetown University. Whatever school you choose, make sure that their global business program is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International (AACSB).

Coursework for an Global Business Degree

Many global business degree programs require the same foundation courses as other business degrees within the university, such as business ethics, fundamentals, organization, accounting, and finance. However, global business students must complete additional coursework that is specific to the global economy, as well as foreign language courses. Global business students are also encouraged to complete international internships and/or study abroad programs.

Careers with an Global Business Degree

Those who earn this degree have a plethora of career choices, based on the availability of jobs and individual aptitude and interest. When you earn your global business degree, you’ll be qualified to pursue a career as an interpreter, international sales representative, marketing manager, or financial analyst, market research director, or entrepreneur. People with global business degrees are sought after by multinational corporations and banks, government offices, consulting firms, and other corporations and organizations that span the globe. Related Resource: Marketing Degree

Skills Required for an Global Business Career

In additional to your degree in global business, you’ll need to cultivate certain skills to be successful in the international marketplace. These include work experience and knowledge in the business or finance sector; a keen understanding of foreign cultures and an ability to adapt quickly to new cultures and surroundings; willingness to work and live in other countries for extended periods of time; and fluency in at least two languages. Students interested in this degree should start as early as high school in learning new languages. If you’re interested in this career field, consider talking to someone who is already a working professional in global business to find out what to expect, and shadow him or her if possible. To learn more about what is an global business degree, consult the website of the United States Council for International Business, which provides resources and information for those working or interested in this field.