What Is the Best Degree to Become a Marketing Director?

Marketing DirectorDo you want to pursue the best degree to become a marketing director? In fact, there are several different educational paths and degree programs that can lead to a marketing management position. Because marketing is a multi-disciplinary study, undergraduate programs in several different fields can prepare you for this career. Let’s take a look at the ways to pursue this dream.

Bachelor’s Programs for a Career in Marketing

Marketing and advertisement incorporate elements of business, communication, journalism, graphic design, psychology and more. To get started on a career that leads to marketing management, you need a strong liberal arts education. Whether or not you choose a bachelor’s degree in business, it will be important to have a strong business background. Combining business studies with a degree in communication or journalism is one great way to prepare for a career in advertising. Another great combination is studying both web design and psychology.

According to US News and World Report, since the field of marketing is so diverse and incorporates aspects of many different educational backgrounds, you can choose the related field of study that most appeals to you personally. If you aren’t certain which bachelor’s degree is right for you, take the time to consult with an advisor in your school’s career center.

Internships in Marketing

It’s unlikely that you will graduate with a bachelor’s degree of any sort and immediately land a job in marketing management. Most people in advertising have to climb the corporate ladder, but participating in internships during your degree program can help you start that climb from a higher rung. When choosing a degree program, find out about internship opportunities that are available.

Master’s in Marketing Management

To become a marketing director, you will probably need to complete a Master’s in Marketing Management. Although these degrees are more specialized than bachelor’s degrees, you will find some diversity among MBAs in Marketing. Research degree programs to learn what aspects of marketing are emphasized. Most individuals in MBA programs are already working in their chosen field, so the job you choose and the company you work for may influence which degree program you decide to pursue.

Professional Development in Marketing

A career in marketing is demanding and fast paced. From the beginning, you need to invest time and energy in making the right connections and moving up within the company where you work. Professional associations such as the American Marketing Association will help you network within the advertising world. While working to become a marketing manager, you should also network with others in your local marketing community as well as on LinkedIn.

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Careers in marketing management are fast paced and lucrative. If you have a passion for advertisement, a flexible and creative mind, and plenty of energy, you could have what it takes to become a marketing director. Although there is no single best degree to become a marketing director, there are some great paths for making your dreams of marketing management come true. What first step will you take in order to achieve this dream?