What Is the Best Degree to Become an Advertising Director?

Advertising DirectorIf you have a creative mind and the motivation to make a lot of money in the business world, you might want to consider the best degree to become an advertising director. When it comes to education, no single degree will ensure success in advertising. However, a combination of creativity and business sense will help you in this pursuit. Here’s a look at a few ways to achieve the dream of becoming an advertising director, according to Degree Directory.

Undergraduate Eduation

Since advertising mixes creativity with business, a double major in business and journalism or English would be an ideal fit for a future career in advertising. Other majors that might help in the pursuit of a career in advertising include psychology, broadcasting, photography and graphic design. While working toward degree completion, see if you can get an internship with an ad agency in order to better your chances at getting your dream job after graduation.

An Advertising Career

You aren’t likely to enter the advertising world at the level of a director. The best way to pursue the job of an advertising director is to start with an entry-level position and work your way up. If you managed to get an internship during college, you will likely be a step or two ahead of others entering the advertising business for the first time. Familiarize yourself with the tools of the trade. Graphics design programs like those from Adobe are vital to advertising in today’s technology-centric world. It may also help for you to be familiar with coding such as HTML and XML, which are vital for web design and software development.

Competition in Advertising

The advertising arena has become increasingly competitive in recent years. This is partially due to the decline of newspapers and print advertising. At the same time, new aspects of advertising are becoming more vital as online marketing becomes more essential to businesses of all sizes. Individuals with backgrounds in technology may have an advantage over others working to become advertising executives, and search engine optimization is becoming an increasingly important aspect of this particular career path.

In order to maintain your competitive edge in advertising, you should seek out opportunities for continuing education. This may be as simple as taking courses on web design and search engine optimization or as complex as completing an MBA program with an emphasis in marketing. Those seriously pursuing a career as an advertising director should also join a professional organization such as the American Association of Advertising Agencies.

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Advertising has always been a competitive career path, but if you are passionate about creativity and success in marketing, you can find the path to success. Carefully consider education options as you choose a bachelor’s degree program. Then work hard as you climb the ladder within an ad agency. Although there may not be a best degree to become an advertising director, there are many best practices that will help to secure your professional success as a marketing executive.