What Type of Graphic Design Jobs Are Available in Business?

Graphic DesignThe marketplace has expanded largely due to advancements in information technology (IT) and so has the number of graphic design jobs available in business. Graphic design is a visual communication tool used to express emotions and ideas as well as more tangible items like specific products or services, according to the American Institute of Graphic Arts. While graphic design is still used in traditional ways, it has become most known for its role in digital media communications. IT tools continue to help designers convey their creative works in both traditional and digital formats. Here are some examples of graphic design jobs available in a number of businesses.

Multimedia Designers

Because nearly every business is represented on the internet in some fashion, jobs for skilled multimedia talent abound. Multimedia design consists of more than just graphics. As its name implies, the discipline incorporates elements of visual graphics, text, sound and video. When the internet first became popular, static graphics were considered leading edge. As the Information Age matured and the internet grew up, so did the ways that web designers used to capture the attention of its website visitors. For example, multimedia design is used to create video podcasts that provide quick, unique learning experiences on a variety of subjects.

Video Game Graphic Designer

One of the hottest business ventures within the entertainment industry is video game design. This job combines stunning static graphics as well as elements of multimedia video. However, the design work is not as prosaic as many of the educational video clips seen across the web. The work of video game graphic designers illustrates an intricate story plot and a challenging strategy that make video games interesting enough to play again and again. These games can be purely for entertainment value, or they can be used as simulators to train a person for a specific skill.

Signage Designer

No matter how much the internet is consulted for information about products, services and ideas, print advertisements are still used to passively capture the attention of people while they go about their daily lives. Signage design is one way that this is done on a large scale. These signs that inform people about new products or services can be found on billboards, bus stop terminals and even on the sides of buses and other commercial vehicles. A signage designer must know how to create a catchy graphic and text that quickly grabs the attention of potential customers in passing.

Product Package Designer

Product packaging is nearly as important to some people as the actual product itself. Package design helps to promote the product and establish its brand reputation. Packaging has become a hot button issue mainly because of societal trends toward sustainable living. Some product managers have discovered via market research data that their customers prefer simpler packaging that is biodegradable or easier on the environment than traditional packaging no matter how elaborate. Also, some companies seek to revamp their product packaging to make their supply chain activities leaner. No matter what the reason for the changes, product package designers must generate solutions that meet requirements for functionality and aesthetics.

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Graphic design incorporates elements of both art and science, and it usually draws upon a variety of disciplines for inspiration such as history, philosophy and literature to be done consistently well. Artists who can tell an original story visually using computing technology find that there are plenty of graphic design jobs available in business.