What Types of Business Jobs are Available for a Statistician?

For those planning to or currently working in statistics, there are many types of business jobs for a statistician available today. These masters of mathematics provide an important service to so many areas of modern society. Here is just a small yet telling semblance of the many opportunities for the statistician in today’s business world.

General Specs and Outlook

Before we get into some of the specifics of the jobs available in this area though, it’s only appropriate to affirm this choice in vocational paths through a quick look at the Bureau of Labor Statistics specs. According to bureau figures, the median pay rate for those in such a statistician position is around $38.51 per hour. Many of these workers are employed in government and scientific research and development applications.

Most impressively, this particular field is in an unrivaled, upward growth pattern of 34%. This is exactly the definition of “job security” for those specifically interested in it.  Specs aside, now let’s get to some of the specific types of business jobs for a statistician that can be found today.

Project Statistician

A project statistician is a statistician that works ongoing projects for their parent employer. Whatever aspects of the ongoing project that require statistical verification are assigned to this important professional. In the business world, many bio-research, pharmaceutical, and telecommunication companies provide a vast realm of employment opportunities for those wishing to work project statistics.

Senior Statistician

The senior statistician is the lead statistician that oversees all of a project or department’s statistical activity. In such a role, one must oversee not only a vast field of number-harvest and analytics processes but also any number of less-experienced statisticians and other employees. Because of the nature of this lead role and the accompanying expertise needed therein, those wishing to pursue a position here are usually the best fit when presenting with at least 5-10 years of previous statistician experience.


The economist is not necessarily a new vocation in the business world. However, as the complexity of society grows every year, the need for a diverse worker pool that can understand, predict, and work with world economies grows exponentially. Economists today work for private companies, non-profit organizations, government bodies, and many others. With statistical expertise and an educational background to back it, anyone can apply their statistical knowledge in the interests of economy and world monies.

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These are just a few of the different types of vocational routes one can take in today’s statistical discipline. The field is quite wide, and as the Bureau of Labor Statistics touts, is on a monumentally expansive path at the current time. For those looking to take advantage of a career in this area of mathematic mastery, the news is great, as there are many types of business jobs for a statistician to make a nice living in today.