What Types of Jobs are Available With a Global MBA?

Global MBABusiness professionals who want to find out what it takes to conduct business in multiple countries often pursue Global Master of Business Administration (MBA) degrees, and the types of jobs available with a Global MBA vary greatly by chosen specializations. Most Global MBA programs prepare students for management positions within multinational companies, and these graduates are expected to lead their organizations in all areas of international business such as marketing, financial management, logistics and trade regulations. Here are some career options for Global MBA graduates that cover these distinct business specialties.

Global Management Consultant

The role of global management consultant gives Global MBA graduates the most variety of experiences as they help companies improve their processes and operations in all areas of business. These consultants can work to improve a company’s financial, information technology (IT) services or marketing performance. Global management consultants can also assess company culture across multinational business units and provide customized solutions to increase the productivity of a cross cultural workforce. These consultants find employment in some government agencies as well, and they are hired to determine areas where resources can be optimized and costs reduced. Even in the age of advanced IT and communications tools, many successful global management consultants find themselves traveling overseas a great deal.

Multinational Marketing Manager

The role of marketing manager continues to be a highly sought after job by many business school graduates. For continued growth opportunities, many companies have adjusted their business processes to perform within a global context. This means that more global marketing managers are needed to monitor trends in international markets, conduct effective advertising campaigns in those markets as well as maintain the brand reputations of company products. They use learned economic principles and market research results to formulate pricing strategies for numerous products in a company’s portfolio, or they may only have oversight over a single portfolio product. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, marketing managers earned annual median salaries of $127,130, and global marketing managers are likely to earn more because of the increased scope of their job responsibilities.

International Trade Policy Advisor

Most economically developed nations have a cadre of business professionals who specialize in the trade regulations relating to importing and exporting. These trade advisors are available to guide small and medium sized businesses through the process of selling their products overseas or importing foreign goods for resale in other markets. International trade advisors help export companies to find business partners in their chosen overseas markets, and they can act as representatives for their export company clients in most business negotiations and transactions. These business professionals can obtain Trade Advisor Certification credentials through the International Trade Centre which has headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

Global Supply Chain Manager

One of the most challenging aspects of conducting business in multinational markets is identifying supply chain strategies that work for one’s chosen markets and particular products. Global supply chain managers help to identify reliable vendors in foreign markets with the help of business consultants or trade advisors. They look for vendor organizations that can flexibly deliver the right quantity of goods at the proper timing to avoid the cost overruns associated with storing too much inventory as well as the loss of revenues related to inventory shortages.

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Most graduates of Global MBA programs prepare for global business careers by taking international internships and gaining proficiency in foreign languages. The types of jobs available with a Global MBA primarily depend on the extent of one’s experience and developed set of skills.