20 Most Influential Business Professors Alive Today


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Influence in the business world can be hard to quantify, but there are some business professors that stand out as being among the cream of the crop. This list consists of professors that any student would count themselves fortunate to study under. The professors hail from all over the world and their experience and specialties are as diverse as the business world itself. This list of the top 20 most influential business professors strives to achieve diversity in experience, age, and perspective, and to showcase the best of the best from across the world of business.

#20. Eric Sussman


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This Senior Lecturer at the University of California Los Angeles has been voted Teacher of the Year 13 times. Not only has he had this internal honor bestowed on him for his excellence in teaching, but he was also awarded the Citibank Teaching Award, and the Neidorf Decade Teaching Award. BusinessWeek lists him as one of the top ten most popular business professors. His devotion to providing his students with practical, engaging education has made him one of the most influential business professors of our day.

#19. Shane Dikolli


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Shane Dikolli is an associate professor at Duke’s Fuqua School of Business. He is well known among students for making accounting fun, engaging, and interesting, a rare quality in what most consider to be the most tedious business field. Dikolli teaches Managerial Accounting in both the Full Time and Weekend Executive programs at Duke. He also holds editorial board member positions at several academic journals including The Accounting Review, Accounting, Organizations, and Society, Contemporary Accounting Research, and more.

#18. Greg Fairchild


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Greg Fairchild is the E. Thayer Bigelow Associate Professor of Business Administration at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business. He is also the academic director of Darden’s Institute for Business in Society. Fairchild teaches courses in strategic management, entrepreneurship, and ethics. He is one of Poets and Quants top fifty most influential business professors, is highly regarded by Fortune Magazine, and has been cited in Inc. Magazine, The Economist, NPR, USA Today, The New York Times and other major publications.

#17. Sharon Oster


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Sharon Oster is the Frederic D. Wolfe Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship, and the Director of the Program on Social Enterprise at the Yale School of Management. Her specialty is competitive strategy and microeconomic theory, and she has written on the subject of regulation of business and competitive strategy. One of her books, Strategic Management for Non Profit Organizations applies the competitive strategies of for profit businesses to the non profit realm. She earned her BA from Hofstra and her Ph.D. from Harvard.

#16. Alison Fragale


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This young Professor of Organizational Behavior teaches courses in negotiation, leading and managing, and leadership immersion at the Kenan-Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina. Fragdale’s primary area of research is on the determinants and consequences of power, status, and influence in organizations. Her research has been cited by The Boston Globe and The Financial Times. She is well loved by students for teaching high impact lessons that both communicate the principles of the subject and allow students to adapt principles to their own personal experience. She has been published in the Academy of Management Review, Journal of Applied Psychology, and Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes among other major academic publications, and is a graduate of the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

#15. Stewart Friedman


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This Wharton School of Business professor is the founding director of the Wharton Leadership Program. His primary body of work has been in leadership development, work/life integration, and human resources. Friedman has been the recipient of numerous teaching awards at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. Friedman’s BA is in Psychology which he earned from SUNY Binghamton, his M.A. in Psychology and his Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology he earned from the University of Michigan.

#14. Herminia Ibarra


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This INSEAD Cora Chaired Professor of Leadership and Learning, Professor of Organizational Behavior, and Area Chair for the Organizational Behavior Department has previously served on the faculty at Harvard Business School and is a member of the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Councils and also chairs the Visiting Committee of the Harvard Business School. Ibarra is a world renowned authority on professional and leadership development and her book, Working Identity: Unconventional Strategies for Reinventing Your Career, is one of the most influential works on the subject of making major changes within your current career.

#13. David Ulrich


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David Ulrich is a professor of business at the Ross School of Management at the University of Michigan. He is a speaker, author, management coach, and management consultant. Ulrich was ranked the #1 Management Educator and Guru by BusinessWeek and selected by Fast Company as one of the 10 most innovative and creative individuals in business. Ulrich earned his undergraduate degree from BYU and his doctorate from UCLA.

#12. Jeffrey Pfeffer


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This professor has been at the Stanford Graduate School of Business since 1979, though before this long held post he taught at the University of Illinois and U.C. Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. Pfeffer has authored over 120 articles and book chapters during his long career. He is one of the most provocative and influential thinkers on the subject of organizational power and politics. He earned his B.S. and M.S. from Carnegie Mellon University, and his Ph.D. from Stanford.

#11. Zeynep Ton


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Zeynep Ton is an Adjunct Professor of Operations Management at MIT’s Sloan School of Management. Ton’s current research involves discovering ways in which companies can design and manage operations in ways that satisfy the big three: employees, customers, and investors. Her works have been published in the Harvard Business Review, Organization Science, and Production and Operations Management. Ton also taught for seven years at the Harvard Business School where she was awarded the HBS faculty award for teaching excellence.

#10. Jennifer Chatman


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Now the Paul J. Cortese Professor of Management Chair of the Haas Management of Organizations Group at the Haas School of Business at U.C. Berkeley, Chatman also earned her BA in psychology and her Ph.D. in Business Administration from that same school. From the late ‘80s into the early ‘90s Chatman taught at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management, after which she began her career at Haas School of Business. She has been one of the foremost educators in management throughout her career and has been published extensively in world renowned business publications including the California Management Review, and the Academy of Management Journal. Chatman is also an academic partner of the consulting firm The Trium Group.

#9. Rita McGrath


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This Associate Professor of Management at Columbia University is well known for her efforts in strategy, innovation, and entrepreneurship. She pioneered the principle of discovery driven planning. McGrath graduated Magna Cum Laude from Barnard College in 1981 and earned her Masters in Public Administration from Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs in 1982. Since then her research and teaching in the business world has had a major impact on the way business is conducted in the modern era.

#8. Lynda Gratton


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One of the most influential women and educators in the business world for nearly two and a half decades, Lynda Gratton is currently the Professor of Management Practice at the London Business School. She is the author of many books and articles dealing primarily with organisational behavior, an area of study in which she is can apply principles from her psychology education. Her undergraduate degree and Ph.D. in psychology were earned from Liverpool University. She is the founder of the Hot Spots Movement, which strives to bridge the gap between academic research and the practical applications of that research to the business world.

#7. Roger Martin


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This business leader has been  the dean of the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto for three terms. This is exceptional because of a two term limit generally adhered to at the school, which can only be negated by a special appointment by the president of the university. Martin remains at the University of Toronto and has refocused his attention on business strategy research and teaching. His primary focus on exploring the future of democratic capitalism is reflected in his involvement with two major think tanks, The Institute for Competitiveness and Prosperity, and The Martin Prosperity Institute, which is named for his parents. Martin has written definitive works analyzing such modern issues as the recent financial crisis, its fallout, and ways to go about fixing it through the application of capitalist principles.

#6. Prashant Kale


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This Associate Professor of Strategic Management at the Jessie H. Jones School of Business at Rice University earned his Masters of Strategic Management at UPenn’s Wharton School. Kale has been published in at least eight major business review publications including the Harvard Business Review, the Sloan Management Review at MIT, the California Management Review, and the European Management Journal. One of his management papers was one of the fifty most cited business management papers in 2011.

#5. Renee Mauborgne


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One of the most influential women in the business world, Mauborgne is the co-chair of INSEAD’s Blue Ocean Strategy Institute and an Affiliate Professor of Strategy. She is a Fellow of the World Economic Forum at Davos, and one of President Barack Obama’s advisors on Historically Black Colleges and Universities. She co-authored many articles with colleague W. Chan Kim for the Harvard Business Review, the reprints of which are international bestsellers. One series of articles have been distinguished as being among the best articles ever written for the Harvard Business Review.

#4. Raymond Hill


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This Senior Lecturer in Finance at Emory University’s Goizueta Business School began his academic career as an economics professor at Princeton. He returned to teaching in 2003 at Goizueta Business School after spending time as an investment banker with Lehman Brothers between 1982 and 1993, after which he worked for the Mirant Corporation for ten years as CFO except for 18 months during which he was CEO of one of the largest independent power companies in Asia. His undergrad degree was earned from Princeton and his Ph.D. from MIT. Bloomberg BusinessWeek named him one of the most popular professors at the top business schools in the country, a status earned because of his unique ability to use his interactive teaching style to make finance, often considered the most boring part of business education, engaging and interesting to his students.

#3. W. Chan Kim


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One of the most influential current business thinkers in the world, W. Chan Kim, is the co-director of the INSEAD Blue Ocean Strategy Institute, and is also the Boston Consulting Group Bruce D. Henderson Chaired Professor of International Management, Professor of International Strategy and Management at INSEAD, which has to be the longest title in the business world as well as one of the most prestigious. In addition to his current post, Kim has served as a professor at the University of Michigan, and a board member and advisor for many EU based multinational corporations. He is also a Fellow of the World Economic Forum, and the articles he has written for the Harvard Business Review are international bestsellers, having sold over half a million reprinted copies.

#2. Clayton Christensen


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This Harvard Business School business administration professor made a huge impact on commercial enterprises throughout his career and belongs to both the Technology and Operations Management, and General Management faculty groups at Harvard. Christiansen earned his B.A. at Brigham Young University, his M.Phil. from Oxford, and his Ph.D. from Harvard. His work on the concept of disruptive innovation has changed the way entrepreneurs and tech startups view the market, and changed the approach of an entire generation of innovators and business thinkers. Despite numerous health difficulties including a battle with cancer and a stroke, Christensen has remained one of the most influential figures in the business world.

#1. Vijay Govindarajan


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A world leader in strategy and innovation, Vijay Govindarajan is currently a professor at Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business. This Harvard-educated businessman has been a force to be reckoned within the business world for most of his career. Vijay was rated one of Forbes’ top 50 business thinkers, and he is one of the most influential business bloggers, writing for his personal blog, the Harvard Business Review, and BusinessWeek. His resume is impressive–he has worked with over 25% of the current Fortune 500 companies. Prior to accepting his current position at Tuck, Govindarajan was on faculty at Harvard Business School, INSEAD, the Indian Institute of Management, and the International University of Japan.

Resource: Top 10 Online Entrepreneurship Degree Programs

What’s the best degree for becoming an entrepreneur?

Starting your own business is incredibly exciting but also very risky, as you could either end up a major success or an unfortunate failure. Because of this risk, many entrepreneurs like to prepare themselves for starting their business as much as possible before they take the plunge. Often, they look to college as a tool which can help them learn all of the skills that they need to know in order to become a business success and not invest a bunch of money in a great idea only to have it flounder and not make any of their money back for them. Many aspiring entrepreneurs don’t really know which degree to get, though, and the answer isn’t really that simple.

What Type of Business do You Want to Start?

You could always go for an entrepreneurship or business degree, as this will give you the blanket knowledge needed to start a business. But is this the right decision? Really, the answer comes down to the type of business that you want to start. For the most part, an entrepreneurship or business degree is the best way to go, but if you want to start a restaurant or a hair salon, you might want to look at a more specialized degree. In fact, most culinary and beauty schools offer business courses that examine the specifics on how to run those specific businesses. After all, a business degree can teach you the basic concepts on how to run a fine dining establishment, but a culinary school will get way more into detail, giving you information on how to arrange your menu and where to find the best suppliers for your meat, etc.

Should You Get a Degree at All?

Some of the most successful business owners and high ranking executives out there actually don’t have any college degrees. Two famous examples are Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg. Both became billionaires and corporate legends, and they did it all after dropping out of college to pursue their dreams. However, both made some pretty questionable decisions regarding their businesses, and while Jobs’ untimely death came before he had a chance to fall, many professionals agree that Zuckerberg’s Facebook is seeing the beginning of the end. Would he make better business decisions if he had gotten his degree? Or would things go the same way no matter what? Once again, this is a risk that the young entrepreneur made, and only time will tell if the decision pays off.

When in Doubt, go for Entrepreneurship

The fact of the matter is that getting a college degree will better prepare you for the long and difficult road ahead. Starting a business is no small task, and you are going to need all the help that you can get. If you don’t know the specific type of business that you would like to start, it would be best to go for a blanket entrepreneurship degree to learn all the ins and outs of running your own company. If you come up with a great idea along the way, you can always change your major or even drop out like Zuckerberg did. It’s important to keep in mind that he only dropped out once he knew that Facebook was going to be a success, though.



Top 30 Business Blogs of 2012

business-blogsAt Top Business Degrees, we’re big fans of blogs and blogging. With so many to choose from, where to begin?

We narrow down the choices for you with our picks for the Top 30 Business Blogs of 2012. The categories are separated by specific business related occupations.



General Business Information

1. Harvard Business Review: A place to glean from some of the greatest minds in business today. Use this site as a jumping off point to multiple sources of world class information.

Highlight: The Best Advertising is Sincere

2. Bloomberg Business Week: With articles covering a broad scope of business focused careers, this online magazine will help take your professional ventures to the next level.

Highlight: No CPR, and Six Other Terrible Workplace Policies

3. The Guardian: This UK based business blog gives an all-important international perspective on business news.

Highlight: Banking reform: should we ringfence the banks or break them up?

4. Business 360: Up to the minute news and videos on the international business climate. This site combines the medium of blogging with news reels and more.

Highlight: City With the Most Billionaires Is…

5. World Business Chicago: Hear from the staff of this Chicago based company on a variety of business based subjects such as operations and marketing.

Highlight: Turning Information into Visualization

Finance/Accounting Blogs

6. Financial Times: The business blog from the Financial Times offers information on strategy and managing from two of the newspaper’s associate editors, John Gapper and Andrew Hill.

Highlight: Why a dunce’s cap for bankers doesn’t fit

7. The Wealth Report: The Wall Street Journal brings you a fascinating look into the finances of super wealthy families.

Highlight: Do the Wealthy Work Harder Than the Rest?

8. Calculated Risk: Author Bill McBride gives daily information on the current financial situation in America. This site was picked by Time.com as the economic blog that you need to be following.

Highlight: Update: Seasonal Pattern for House Prices

9. Accounting Coach: A great starting point for someone looking to enter the field of economics. The blog covers topics for the novice student as well as for the seasoned expert.

Highlight: What is periodicity in accounting?

10. Grumpy Old Accountants: Two accounting professors, Anthony H. Catanach Jr. and J. Edward Ketz, started Grumpy Old Accountants to weigh in on their field of expertise. Ketz has stepped down from contributing, but Villanova University professor Catanach maintains this insightful blog.

Highlight: Guesstimating Credit Losses

Small Business/Entrepreneur Blogs

11. Young Entrepreneur: Find stories of young adults who are making it big in business and get advice on how you can do the same.

Highlight: How Today’s Young Female Entrepreneurs Embrace Their Feminine Mystique

12. Small Business Entrepreneur Blog: The founder and CEO of Axilus Services presents entrepreneurship interviews and relevant information on starting your own business.

Highlight: 5 Ways You Can Have More Work/Life Balance With The Internet

13. The Small Business Blog: Founded by CEOs of self-built small businesses, the small business blog is the place to find answers to your small business questions.

Highlight: Desperately Seeking Support For Your Business? 3 Tips For Finding It Without Blowing Your Budget!

14. Blogtrepreneur: This popular website guides you through the process of incorporating technology and social media into your business model to help make your start-up a success.

Highlight: How to Hire the Right Developer to Get Your Business off the Ground

15. Startup Nation: This blog, written by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, is committed to giving you all you need to know about starting your own business.

Highlight: 7 Press Release Sins – Are You Guilty?

PR and Marketing Blogs

16. PR Squared: Todd Defren brings you conversations about marketing and social media.

Highlight: Breaking Stuff Without Breaking The Bank

17. Chris Brogan: The CEO of Human Business Works and co-author of New York Times best seller “The Impact Equation” shares with you his best ideas and stories.

Highlight: Bring Immense Value to the Picnic

18. Holtz Communication and Technology: Accredited Business Communicator, Shel Holtz, brings 35 years of organizational communication experience to his blog readers. The site aims to better meld together business and technology.

Highlight: Blogs rise, social media investment levels off among the fastest growing companies

19. Strategic Public Relations: Detailing how you can use social media and the internet to grow your business.

Highlight: Content Marketing Lessons from Facebook, Twitter & Google

20. The Bad Pitch Blog: This award winning blog will keep you updated on all the inside news coming from the field of PR.

Highlight: Last Minute, Non-Profit Pitch Rakes in Coverage

Human Resources Blogs

21. HR Blogger: A resource website bringing together the best HR blogs into one place for your convenience.

Highlight:  About HR Blogger

22. Evil HR Lady: Suzanne Lucas will answer all of your HR questions and help you demystify your Human Resources Department.

Highlight: Does Telecommuting Hurt Your Career?

23. Good to Know: Get the inside scoop from job recruiters on how not to act when applying for a job.

Highlight: The Funny Things Candidates Send Us

24. Employment Law Information Network: This straightforward contribution is a must-read for any Human Resources representative looking into their legal rights.

Highlight: Supreme Court Holds That 3rd Party Retaliation Exists…But When?

25. Never Mind the Manager: A blog about leadership, coaching, motivation, and fun at work. Helping you help your employees reach their full potential.

Highlight: Employee Engagement and Motivation – You can’t afford it.

Sales Blogs

26. The Sales Blog: The chief officer of a staffing firm writes about adventures in the new art of sales and sales management.

Highlight: Be Exceptional at What Is In Your Control

27. Selling in the 21st Century: Business coach and sales consultant Rick Roberge offers his advice to those interested in becoming “21st Century Sales Rock Stars.”

Highlight: Sales/Goal Lesson from “Silver Linings Playbook”

28. Jeffery Gitomer’s Sales Blog: Expert advice and online training for anyone who is looking to make it in the field of sales. This is also a great place to look for webinars.

Highlight: Selling at any level. The only difference is YOU!

29. Sharon Drew Morgan: This visionary in the field of sales provides you with case studies and reviews to help guide your decision making skills.

Highlight: Selling In Harder Times

30. Score More Sales: This blog combines skills, tools, and stories to get you the sales revenue that you desire.

Highlight: Optimism Is Required in Sales

Accountant Resource Guide

Accounting is a critical part of the US economy and becoming increasingly important as new technologies and regulations emerge. Fortunately, for accounting professions and students, there is a wealth of resources on the web to support them. This article provides an overview of the best blogs, journals, educational resources, professional organizations, and apps that support students and CPAs working in a range of areas.

General Resources

Each country will have its own resources, but one of the best ones for those working in the US is the Securities and Exchange Commission.

  • US Securities and Exchange Commission – the SEC is the US government’s body dedicated to regulating markets and investments. It requires public companies to disclose information as required by law. They oversee brokers, investors, markets, advisors, and funds. Their website includes forms, regulations, news, and information for investors and those involved in litigation.


There are blogs focused on nearly every aspect of accounting. Here are some of the best sites and what they do.

  • Axiom CPA – Axiom is a small accounting firm based in Florida and focusing mainly on small businesses. Their blog focuses on lessons for effectively running businesses, meetings, and interacting with clients.
  • Brumley’s Blog – Scott Brumley is a CPA who works with individuals on preparing tax returns and on audits. His blog provides concise and helpful information on tax laws, requirements, and deadlines along with suggestions.
  • CPA Blogger – This blog covers a wide range of accounting issues. They have posts focused on students and education, including resources to help learn accounting. They also blog about audits, firms, finance, and taxes. The authors participate in many community-oriented projects, and they feature updates about these projects on the blog as well.
  • Don’t Mess With Taxes – Written by Kay Bell, a professional journalist focused on taxes and finance, this blog takes a journalistic perspective on finance. She presents accessible and often humorous posts about taxes and their relationship to current issues. The blog has won awards for its presentation.
  • Empower Your Business – Written by a CPA, this blog focuses on advice to small and medium sized businesses regarding taxes and finance.
  • Fraud Files Blog – This blog, updated daily, focuses on those who have violated tax law. It discusses court cases, fraud, scandals, and scams. In addition to the overview of current news related to these topics, the blog discusses ways that companies get themselves into this kind of trouble. For example, they explain how pyramid schemes or fraudulent accounting practices are implemented.
  • Golden Practices Blog – This blog offers advice to CPAs, financial advisors, consultants, and lawyers about the best practices they can use to building good relationships with clients and growing their businesses. The topics frequently focus on marketing, but are geared specifically to those working in financial services.
  • Leadership Notebook – Mary Werner, who helped found an organization called CPA Consultants’ Alliance, writes this blog. Its main concern is with leadership and building effective relationships, and it has a focus on accountants and their relationships with clients.
  • It’s Taxing – Bond Beebe, Accountants & Advisors maintain this blog. They are based in the Washington, DC area, and offer advice for individuals and small businesses about current issues in tax laws, accounting, and finance.
  • Phil Hogan’s Blog – Phil Hogan is a chartered accountant with Hutcheson and Co. based in Canada and operating in the US and Canada. His blog frequently takes questions from users on Twitter, and answers them. Those generally focus on personal tax advice, often for people who live and work both in the US and Canada.
  • Accounting Coach – This blog tries to teach accounting through a question and answer format. Mosts post titles are formatted as questions and the posts are concise responses designed to teach the tax law behind them.
  • Small Business Blog – Cherry, Bekaert & Holland is a well established CPA firm representing businesses. They blog largely about updates to laws that might affect small businesses.
  • Social CPAs – This site is geared toward CPAs. It discusses social media and how CPAs can leverage it to improve brand recognition and increase revenue.
  • Tick Marks – Austin Peay State University faculty member David Meyer writes this blog. It discusses taxes and accounting, and often presents this in the context of government news.

Journals and Magazines

For those interested in peer reviewed content, particularly focused on theory and research, there are a number of journals available with a variety of foci.

  • Journal of Accountancy – This journal is published by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. They publish articles on a broad range of topics, including financial reporting, auditing, taxes, accounting, financial planning, ethics, legal issues, and other topics. It has over 386,000 subscribers.
  • International Journal of Accounting – A mix of academic and professional authors and audience members, this journal aims to increase the understanding of accounting theory and practice for these audiences. They cover a range of issues with a particular interest in the role of accounting issues in an increasing globalized economy.
  • CPA Journal Online – The CPA Journal is published by the New York State Society of CPAs. Geared toward accounting professionals, it prints accessible articles on a wide range of accounting practices and related issues.
  • International Journal of Accounting and Finance – IJAF is directed not just to practitioners, but also academics, policy makers, and regulators. It publishes new research along with news and commentary. Topics of focus include international and financial accounting, taxes, education, auditing, and ethics.
  • The Accounting Review – Accounting Review is the Journal of the American Accounting Association. It has a largely academic focus, publishing new research with an emphasis on research methodology. The target audience includes academics, graduate students, and other professionals interested in research.
  • Journal of Accounting Research – JAR is another academically focused journal, published by the Accounting Research Center based at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business. It publishes empirical research, experiments, and field studies in accounting. Topics include accounting theory, taxes, auditing, and application areas, such as environmental accounting.
  • Journal of Accounting and Economics – This journal focuses on the application of theory to accounting problems. They consider articles about the role of accounting in organizations, accounting standards, theory, and regulation.
  • Accounting Today – This online magazine for the accounting industry offers late-breaking business news, tax information, commentary, and resources. The site includes text articles and podcasts. With a free membership, readers can receive updates via email.

Educational Resources

Accounting students are lucky in that the web offers a lot of sites to supplement their formal education. Here are a few of the best sites to look at for accounting education help.

  • Middle City Accounting Tutorials – The free tutorials provided on this site are designed to supplement the lessons that would standardly be covered in college accounting courses. It includes lessons on financial statements, accruals and deferrals, merchandising, assets and depreciation, equity, liabilities, and cash flows to make a few. Some of the tutorials include videos, quizzes to test your knowledge, and important keywords.
  • Bean Counter Accounting – The Bean Counter site is designed to teach readers the basics of bookkeeping. Topics include property rights, debits and credits, recording transactions, how to keep a general ledger and journal, and financial statements. Lessons include quizzes and games along with skill tests.
  • Wanna Learn Accounting Tutorial – This site is a collection of pointers to other online resources, tutorials, and books on accounting.

Societies and Professional Organizations

Professional groups help build the culture around a profession. Because accounting is international and has so many sub-areas, there are a number of large, well established, and standard setting organizations.

  • American Accounting Organization – Originally founded in 1916, this organization is for individuals interested in accounting education and research.
  • American Institute of CPAs – AICPA is a world wide organization of accounting professionals, with over 386,000 members in 128 countries. They are the world’s largest accounting organization. They have several publications. They also set ethical standards for the industry and define auditing standards for all market sectors.
  • International Accounting Standards Board – This board maintains the International Financial Reporting Standards Foundation, which sets the standards for financial reporting around the world. They monitor the acceptance and compliance with these standards, with an eye toward the unique needs of emerging markets.
  • Financial Accounting Standards Board – This group sets the standards for financial accounting among non-governmental organizations. Their standards are recognized by the Securities and Exchange commission and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.
  • Institute of Internal Auditors – This professional organization of internal auditors brings together accountants who work on risk management, governance, education, security, and internal auditing.


Smart phone apps are a way to bring professional or educational support with you wherever you go. These are some of the best apps for CPAs and students.

  • Accounting Today – This iPhone app brings content from the popular accounting magazine to your phone or iPad. It includes news from the magazine, a searchable archive of magazine issues, audio and video features, and social sharing features.
  • Accounting Principals – This app connects people with a comprehensive list of accounting jobs in North America. It is created and maintained by its namesake organization, Accounting Principals, which is a recruiting firm focused on finance and accounting professionals.
  • Becker’s CPA Mobile Flashcards – For students, this app is a must have. It provides a large set of terms that students need to memorize for the CPA exam. It lets users sort and filter cards to create exercises, and allows them to track their progress as they learn.
  • Accounting Terms – When working in a field as technical and jargon filled as accounting, it can often be difficult to explain information to non-professionals. This app is designed to improve communication between accounting professionals and their clients. It is useful for students to learn better communication techniques and for professionals who want to improve their interview skills and interactions with customers.
  • CPA Exam Aid – This is a comprehensive guide for students preparing for the CPA exam. It includes information on the FAR, AUD, BEC and REG tests. Provided by the AICPA, it features fourteen hours of exercises, progress tracking, and information, along with features to support interaction with other users.
  • 2012 Tax Reference Info – A great reference for students and professionals, this app provides fast access to information for the current tax year, including tax rates, contribution limits, deductions, gifts, and more.

Resource Guide for Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Business drives the world, and the world of business is massive. The complicated and diverse world of international and even local business can be overwhelming for those pursuing a Bachelor of Business degree if they do not have one specific aspect to hone in on. There are countless resources available to business students and business professionals alike that offer a variety of perspectives and insights about the all encompassing world of business. The goal of this business resource guide is to list the best, most prominent of those resources. We have lists of journals, websites and magazines, conferences, research organizations and think tanks, and prominent blogs along with short descriptions of each to help you find the resources that will meet your needs.

Journals, Websites, and Magazines

Business Journal Inc.: The website for Business Journals Inc, a company that publishes twenty-eight custom magazines and five business to business journals.

Harvard Business Publishing: Harvard Business Publishing is a wholly owned subsidiary of Harvard University. Harvard Business Publishing serves the needs of educational institutions, corporations and independent managers. Their primary publication is the Harvard Business Review.

Ivey Business Journal: The Ivey Business Journal is a management focused journal from the Richard Ivey School of Business and features progressive articles from world leaders in management.

L.A. Business Journal: A Los Angeles focused weekly journal that keeps L.A. businesses and business people apprised of news, events and other information pertinent to the L.A. business community.

Inc: Inc. is a print magazine and website with topical articles that span every aspect of entrepreneurship from startup to running, managing and marketing your business.

Entrepreneur: Another print magazine with corresponding website, Entrepreneur Magazine is one of the best resources available for anybody starting a business or thinking about it.

Business and Finance: For 45 years Business and Finance has been providing insightful articles, commentary and analysis of the Irish and international business community.

Forbes: One of the major business magazines in the world encompassing Forbes, Forbes Life, and Forbes Asia. Forbes is one of the top resources for news, analysis and commentary on international business.

Business Week: Business Week, a Bloomberg L.P. company is one of the primary methods by which its parent company executes its mission; to provide up to the minute quality information and analytics to business professionals worldwide.

Fast Company: Fast Company offers a unique focus on innovation, technology, ethical economics (ethonomics) leadership and design. Fast Company seeks to distill the knowledge of business leaders and innovators for its readers.

The Economist: The Economist was founded in 1843 to support free trade. The top publication for those looking for fact based editorials about the effect of economic policy on business.

Money Magazine: CNN Money covers the larger picture in the business world and incorporates news and analysis for business professionals, and articles on financial strategy, money management techniques and other issues.

Sports Business Journal This global journal covers the world of sports business and publishes the two leading daily trade publications that cover the business of sports.

Conferences and Trade Shows

allconferences.com: A comprehensive website that lists thousands of business conferences around the world divided by discipline, covering all categories and sub-categories of the business world.

International Business Form Conferences: A series of conferences catering to healthcare professionals and businesses pursuing clean technology and also featuring a corporate venturing and innovation conference.

American Business Conferences: This company produces business conferences covering everything from technology innovation to resource management, sustainability, business strategy and marketing.

Opportunity Green: A conference focused on englightening attendees about sustainable green practices and innovation that will allow businesses to embrace the cutting edge, outside the box technology behind sustainability.

IQPC: A worldwide conference organizer with conferences running the gamut from the food and beverage industry to mining, telecoms, infrastructure, defense and more.

Inc Events: Inc runs several conferences throughout the year focused on company growth, leadership, and business ownership. Inc also has its own business awards ceremony.

The Conference Board: The Conference Board is a global association devoted to business research and working in the public interest. They have conferences with a variety of themes.

Sports Business Daily: A global journal that is devoted to sports business news; Sports Business Daily also holds many conferences every year with the goal of advancing the business of sports.

Growthcon: Entrepreneur Magazine’s annual Growthcon is a conference devoted to helping entrepreneurs of all stripes grow their businesses and achieve success.

Research Organizations and Think Tanks

Women’s Business Research: A research organization devoted to providing woman business owners with data driven knowledge that will advance the impact of them as individuals and their businesses as a whole across the board.

SustainAbility: This think tank and strategic advisory firm is devoted to advancing the sustainable philosophy among businesses in a way that will be beneficial to the businesses themselves and society as a whole.

AEI: The American Enterprise Institute is a private, non-partisan, non-profit, think tank devoted to the cause of liberty, individuality and free enterprise. AEI also seeks to educate on government, politics and economics.

IEA: The U.K. based Institute of Economic Affairs is a research organization that produces reports, books, and papers on all areas of economic policy. Their policy experts often contribute to newspapers and consult for other media outlets.

Brookings: Brookings has been ranked the #1 most influential, think tank in the world in a University of Pennsylvania based report. The think tank conducts research, comments on economic policy, and serves myriad other purposes.

The Cato Institute: The Cato Institute is a public policy think tank devoted to individual liberty and free markets. Cato is one of the top sources for a conservative approach to economic policy.

CEPR: The Center for Economic and Policy Research was established in 1999 with the goal of providing a forum for discussion and debate on the most important social and economic issues of today.

ERC: Britain’s oldest economics think tank, the Economic Research Council’s focus in on extending the influence of economic education throughout the country and the world.

The Peterson Institute for International Economics: This international economics research institute is one of the formost research firms in international economics. IEE analyses the economic state of economies in all stages of development.

UFE: United for a Fair Economy is a national, independent, non-partisan, non-profit think tank devoted to educating people on the ideal that concentrated wealth and power undermine the economy.


APICS: The Association for Operations Management is the leading association for operations and supply chain management worldwide. APICS offers superior, internationally recognized training and a worldwide professional network.

ABM: The Association of Business Information and Media Companies was founded in 1906 and has consistently been at the center of the international business to business economy.

GBCHealth: GBCHealth is committed to harnessing the power of the international business community with the goal of building a healthier world. The organization uses the combined power of members to address international health issues.

GMIC Global: The Green Meeting Industry Council has a unique and specific focus. This focus is primarily achieving sustainability in the many thousands of business conferences and meetings.

WORLDCOB: The World Confederation of Businesses is one of the leading associations in the global business community. WORLDCOB is committed to excellence in providing education and resources the executives and businesses worldwide.

The Carbon Collective: An association devoted to government and business working together in synergy to explore opporunities in limiting human impact on climate change and to develop solutions that benefit both the environment and businesses.:

National Business Association: This non-profit association is committed to the ideal of helping the self employed and small business community achieve success and realize their professional goals.


Harvard Business Review Blogs: This is the blog portion of the Harvard Business Review website. The site links to blog posts from the HBR community and provides readers with a centralized location from which they can access posts of interest.

CNN Business Blogs: CNN has a network of business bloggers and this is the main page of that network which links to the blog postings of the individual bloggers ensuring that users have access to up to date and relevant posts.

Consumerism Commentary: Consumerism Commentary is a blog devoted to personal financial principles and strategies to enable people to embrace lifestyle ideals that can significant increase their financial potential both personally and professionally.

Duct Tape Marketing: This is a small business marketing blog attached to a marketing and consulting firm that specializes in small business marketing strategies. The blog was chosen as Forbes magazine’s favorite marketing and small business blog.

Biz Sugar: This is a business blog website that tracks blogs and posts all updates from relevent blogs in one convenient place. Blogs range from marketing-centric to blogs on the benefits of cold calling and more.

Business Blogs Hub: This blog site has a long list of business bloggers (each with their own bio), it posts the most relevent and popular posts to the main page and you can select any author that writes an article you appreciate and find other articles by them.

Young Entrepreneur Blogs: This is a blog network for up and coming entrepreneurs to give and seek advice on the best methods for starting and maintaining a successful business.

Entrepreneur Magazine Blogs: This network of business blogs from Entrepreneur Magazine offers some very good advice in regard to starting and running your own business.

Degree Programs

Top 10 Online Entrepreneurship Degree Programs

15 Great iPad Apps for Business Professionals

Many on-the-go business people are shedding bulky laptops in favor of an iPad. Still more are using their iPads as a second PC of sorts, for monitoring operations, scanning news, and more. It’s not surprising: Never before have there been so many time-saving, business-enhancing apps available. Here we’ve compiled our favorites in six categories: News and Information, Sales and Networking, Productivity, Virtual Meeting, Content Management, and Remote Access.


News and Information


Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal iPad app offers users all the best coverage from the award-winning journal without the print subscriptions. All people need to do is to download this iPad app and enjoy their favorite parts of the journal such as the Opinion, What’s New, Money and Investing, Journal Reports, Personal Journal, Greater New York and WSJ Weekend features. What is great about the WSJ iPad app is that users will be able to see more than just what is written in the printed version. They also get slide shows and videos.



Zite is the best iPad app for magazine lovers. It pays attention to preferences and gets smarter with every use. Zite is designed to work as a personalized magazine app that pulls contents from categories based on the user’s tweets and Google Reader accounts. Using this iPad app allows users to enjoy the content they love and at the same time discover other things they may have an interest in.



Taptu is a one-stop iPad app for social network enthusiasts. With this, users need not log into individual Twitter, Facebook, G Reader or LinkedIn accounts. All they need is Taptu, and they will be able to log into all sites at once. Users may also add their favorite sites and blogs with Taptu. Doing so allows them to transform all the content from various sites into an easy to read interface with customizable feeds.


Sales and Networking


Salesforce Mobile Works

Salesforce Mobile comes in mobile lite, full and iPhone versions. All these apps allow users to have instant access to their Salesforce information. The lite version allows creation, editing and removal of capabilities from the standard CRM data while the full version helps users build their own Salesforce app. With this, they are able to personalize and customize configurations and objects based on their business needs.



Highrise iPad app from 37signals offers business professionals easy access to their Highrise notes, contacts, voice notes, emails and tasks no matter where they are. Highrise also offers a simple CRM tool that is great for small businesses, salespeople, freelancers, entrepreneurs and contractors. Highrise is the simplest app one can have to keep track of the people they work and do business with.





iTalk was developed by Griffin Technology, and it allows users to record all voice transactions for easy retrieval and review. They may also send the recordings to their email. iTalk recorder features an easy to use interface and controls. Now everyone can store all the recordings with their right sound quality.



RightSignature from RightSprite allows users to sign mobile documents on their device. It gets rid of all he hassles involved with printing and signing contracts and having them scanned or faxed. Now, business professionals can sign any document while on the go. The app also features pan and zoom for easy document review prior to signing. It also has a photo authentication feature that uses the photo as a part of the signature.


Bamboo Paper – Notebook

The Bamboo Paper – Notebook from Wacom turns the iPad into an amazing paperless tool that allows users to virtually share their sketches, doodles and other handwritten notes. With this, business professionals can easily express and share their thoughts during brainstorming sessions and meetings. They may connect their iPad to the projector for easy viewing and sharing.


Dragon Dictation

Dictation has never been as easy as using the Dragon Dictation iPad app. This amazing tool allows users to write spoken words automatically as either text or email messages. With this, they no longer have to type on their keyboard as the app does it by itself. Using this voice recognition app is actually five times faster than typing on the keyboard. It also supports multiple languages.



iThoughts provides users with the ability to come up with task lists and organize their ideas and information. This app makes brainstorming, goal setting, course notes and revision, meeting notes, WBS and GTD a lot easier. It also comes with extensive task management and advanced mindmap features.


Virtual Meeting



Attending meetings is always convenient with GoToMeeting iPad app. It allows users to take part in important meetings while they are on the go. The app can accommodate up to 6 participants with HDFaces video. They can view presentations, reports and mock-ups. With a few taps on the link, they can join an ongoing meeting instantly.



WebEx provides business professionals with a higher level online meeting app. WebEx allows two-way video that is perfect for brainstorming sessions and conferences. The app also features voice-activated video switching, high-quality and multi-point video and simultaneous viewing for content and videos. Host account capabilities include starting, canceling and scheduling meetings and inviting other participants to join.


Content Management



Cloud App from OpenText provides seamless opportunities for business professionals to take advantage of Enterprise Content Management. The app features video innovator stories that allow users to share them on Facebook. The Cloud App offers a whole new environment that is different from the traditional eBook. It also comes with interactive gadgets, informative videos, audio and widgets.



DropBox makes it easy for users to store and get access to their files, photos and videos from anywhere. They can get access to all of this using their iPads, iPhones, computers and even through the Dropbox website. All these files can also be viewed offline. Now, there is no need for attachments.


Remote Access



LogMeIn makes it very convenient for business professionals to get access to their files from home or work computers on the go. They may also use this app to control their PC no matter where they are. With this, users do not have to worry about taking their files with them all the time. In addition, this app allows IT professionals to fix computer problems remotely.

Top 10 Must-See TED Talks for Businesses and Entrepreneurs

The modern age has led to many rapid advancements, and business are scrambling to keep pace. What many of these talks seem to suggest is that, at their core, many of our most common practices need to be rethought to stay relevant. Covering topics ranging from billionaires to spaghetti sauce, these videos are sure to change the way you think about business and business building.

Seth Godin: How to Get Your Ideas to Spread
Marketing expert Seth Godin explains why the world of marketing tends to produce stale, mundane or boring advertisements. As he explains, this is exactly why advertisements will often travel down the road of the bizarre, odd, funny or otherwise atypical.

Johanna Blakley: Lessons from Fashion’s Free Culture
Johanna Blakely makes the interesting comparison of the fashion industry to the copyright wars of music, television and movies. While these industries are busy exhausting resources on protecting unique products, the fashion industry thrives on copycats.

Alex Tabarrok on How Ideas Trump Crises
In this talk, economist Alex Tabarrok expresses his views on why free and globalized trade is capable of transforming the world that we live in. As he goes on to explain, the open exchange of ideas and information has the potential to act as a catalyst of positive growth for the human race.

Dean Kamen on Inventing and Giving
Inventor Dean Kamen, famous for the invention of the Segway, gives a special preview of his ideas for the world in the form of portable energy and clean drinking water. He lays out his bold plans that have the power to bring life and health to parts of the world that may not survive without critical help.

Derek Sivers: How to Start a Movement
In this short talk, Derek Sivers demonstrates the power of leadership and followers in human culture. By using a wildly popular online video, he explains the dynamics of a movement as it reaches a tipping point.

Gary Vaynerchuk: Do What You Love
Gary Vaynerchuk has gained rapid fame for his unique approach to the internet as an extension of a lifestyle. In his talk, he explains why the era we live in gives so much room for innovation, success and happiness in doing what we love.

Richard Branson’s Life at 30,000 Feet
Richard Branson lays out the foundation for billions of dollars that his life’s work have produced for himself and others. With multiple near-death experiences, his own private island and a life story like no other, this talk is sure to inspire anyone interested in the mind of a billionaire.

Malcolm Gladwell: Choice, Happiness, and Spaghetti Sauce
In this eye-opening talk, best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell explains why spaghetti sauce is one of the secrets to understanding choice, freedom and the free market. He explains how a simple idea from a man that the world never knew has left a powerful impact on our culture.

Barry Schwartz: The Paradox of Choice
Psychologist Barry Schwartz reveals that though freedom of choice should logically increase freedom, his opinion is the opposite: choice serves as a source of confusion and constriction in the structure of modern economies.

Jason Fried: Why Work Doesn’t Happen at Work
Jason Fried puts an interesting spin on modern office life, suggesting that an office is actually detrimental to performance. He backs up his claims with evidence and even offers some suggestions for how to improve performance that complements this new understanding.

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